How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Studio: Latino Fan Club

if you like a lot of straight acting uncut latinos, blatinos, twinks etc in a tiny lifeguard shack screwing around because they are horny from looking at all the girls on the beach then this is for you! This is a converted file from a recent upload of the DVD so it is much smaller in size.

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Raw Bareback Fuck

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Joey Rico Vince Wilder Taylor Stevens Tony Noceros Clark Kent Seth Porter Alan Willian Bruno Stigmata Christopher Ashlee
Genres: Big Dick, Bareback, Anal, Interracial, Young Men
Video language: English

Who doesn’t love it bareback, these hot dudes just can’t get enough raw cock up their asses!

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Richard and Kadu – Bareback

His cute little butt takes it even deeper when the two move to the comfort.

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NextDoorRaw – Dirty Little Secrets Part 1

Release Year: 2020
Studio: NextDoorRaw
Cast: Donte Thick, Hoss Kado
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Gay, Oral, Porn

Secrets come in all sorts of varieties, and everybody has at least one that they are hiding. Donte Thick is no different, except that his little secret is a place, and right now, Hoss Kado is cock deep in discovering that secret for himself. Stashed under the house in utilities basement, Donte and Hoss engage in a steamy hookup that is sure to raise the temperature. Their hunger for each other is palpable, and won’t be satisfied until they’ve both emptied every last drop of passion. But will the consequences be worth the indulgence? Only time can tell. In the meantime…

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Show Hard – Sean Maygers & Drew Dixon

Release Year: 2021
Studio: RagingStallion

Drew Dixon is alone and cruising in a restroom when Sean Maygers shows up and stands at the urinal. As soon as they notice each other, Drew shows Sean his ass to let him know it’s a go, and Sean turns around with a rock-hard dick. Drew likes what he sees and sinks to his knees to get a mouthful. After gagging on his restroom buddy’s dick, Drew bends over to let Sean prepare his hole for a bareback pounding. After some tongue and finger action in front of the urinals, Drew bends over and Sean fills his hole with cock. After pounding him doggy-style, Sean lifts up Drew and drills his prostate. Sean doesn’t ease up with the ruthless pounding on Drew’s hole. While bent over, Sean keeps delivering cock until he can’t hold back and shoots his load all over Drew’s ass. Before Drew can get off, they hear someone pull up outside, so they grab their clothes, and scramble to get dressed and head out.

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Duffel Discovery – Johnny Torque and Drake Tyler

Studio: Next Door Buddies

As Johnny Torque and Drake Tyler get dressed for their workout, everything seems normal. One minute Johnny is talking muscle group strategy and changing into his athletic gear, and the next minute he’s discovering a 10′ dildo in his friend’s duffel bag. Drake is noticeably embarrassed by Johnny’s discovery, but embarrassment is the last thing Johnny is thinking about. Suddenly seeing his friend in a new, accommodating light, Johnny orders Drake down to his knees and unfurls his hard cock, letting it fall out of his shorts and into Drake’s face, who wastes no time taking it deep down his throat, gagging on it as he slobbers all over the head. Johnny grabs the back of Drake’s head and pulls him closer, fucking his face as Drake takes off his shorts. Johnny bends Drake over an exercise ball and proceeds to fuck Drake from behind, slapping him with the dildo and pounding away before moving over to the dressing bench, where Johnny throws both of Drake’s legs over his shoulders and proceeds to fuck the cum right out of him, before launching his own load all over his friend’s glistening, cum covered body. Drake admits this beats a dildo any day of the week, which is good news, considering Johnny has vowed a repeat performance whenever Drake gets the urge.

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Rhyheim Shabazz and Cee

Release Year: 2020
Studio: OnlyFans
Cast: Rhyheim Shabazz and Cee
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshot
Video language: English

The anal sex of these guys is really exciting. They like it when handsome men have this mens of sex. Guys will get a kick out of it!

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Morning Wood – Legrand Wolf, Oliver James and Austin Young

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

Starring Legrand Wolf, Oliver James, and Austin Young. Dr. Wolf gently draws the covers off the sleeping naked forms of Austin and Oliver, who are spooning in his king-size bed. The boys wake up smiling from Dr. Wolf’s big hands on their asses and morning boners. When the doctor takes out his own huge cock, their little mouths and hands are all over him. Dr. Wolf takes turns loosening their asses slowly with his giant meat before flipping on all fours so he fuck them silly until his big, heavy nuts are slapping against their taints in turns. Dr. Wolf gives Austin a go at his buddy’s hole, and Austin coats Oliver’s entire back with a massive load of cum. Dr. Wolf takes Austin’s place jockeying Oliver’s ass and gritting his teeth, he pulls out of Oliver with a wet sucking sound and launches several ropes of hot man juice all the way up Oliver’s back to the boy’s neck!

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RawFuck – Nico Moratti’s Exhibitionist Suck Job

Ripped stud Nico Moratti is back, this time cruising for some meaty cock at his local cottage, sharing a blowjob with a hot skater who’s ducked in to lose a load. As Nico is pressed up against the urinal taking a deep bare fucking, the duo is perved at by a handsome passer-by, who dumps his load on the sticky floor.

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RawFuck – Denis Klein & Brian Gibson

Tough, tattooed dude Brian Gibson knows his dong-hungry young mate Denis can’t get enough of his massively thick cock up his tight boycunt. This young buddy’s a keeper – and Brian keeps his ass filled with bare cock to make sure he always cums back for more.

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RawFuck – Macho Dude Cums Across Innocent Hole

A tough tattooed guy pairs up for a rough fuck with a sweet young twink, stripping him of his innocence as he bends him over the toilet for a deep, bareback fuck. To make him feel better about it he massages the young lads’ balls until he cums, before feeding him his own hot jizz.

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Collin Thomas and Dallas Evans

Studio: Randy Blue

We know a good thing when we see it and when we had Collin Thomas here to do his solo we just couldnt wait to see him in action with another one of our Randy Blue hotties. Dallas Evans was in town and dropped by the studio to say hi while Collin was shooting his solo. You could just tell by the look in his eye that he wanted a serving of blond jock stud with all the trimmings. Without missing a beat we got these two together and the chemistry was immediate. And once you get a couple of horny college guys together theres no telling what would happen. Dallas gobbled that cock like there was no tomorrow. Hes become quite skillful at smokin pole and really gets into it. And while Collin is straight, he sure loves getting his cock sucked and got off on every moment of having Dallas talented lips, tongue and throat working his shaft until he was rock hard, dripping and feeling that urge to shoot a nice hot sticky load. And thats exactly what he did, all over Dallas strong muscular chest.

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Rhyheim Shabazz and Lipe

Release Year: 2020
Studio: OnlyFans
Cast: Rhyheim Shabazz and Lipe
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshot
Video language: English

High-quality porn video, guys to get a lot of buzz. It’s going to be really cool, so watch it and have fun.

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Cutest Boyz Enjoy First Anal

Release Year: 2005
Cast: Bernard, Damian, Eduardo, Junior, Marcos, Raul, Trend, William, Xavier
Genres: anal sex, big cocks, latino, oral sex, rimming, smooth, uncut cocks, threesome, twinks
Video language: English

Horny from beginning to end and always hard, these boys cum multiple times and just love sex! Part 5 in the on-going series features some of the hot young twinks famous from previous films along with cute, new faces. Watch as these cute twinks explore each other?s bodies and show one another how to fuck and suck like a pro! Twink films are hot and the public loves OTB! With over 2 hours of hot twink-sex, your customers won’t be able to keep their hands off this one!

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Port mocks and cries

Release Year: 2017
Studio: KO Company
Video language: English

The popular beautiful model of abdominal muscles has appeared! Sensitive Gee. Port mocks and cries in an obscene voice, Moreau feels like anal pierced and shot in large numbers !!

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Raw Closeups Sc.2

Release Year: 2021
Cast: Danny Royt, David Hollister
Genres: Bareback, Oral, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Blowjob,
Video language: English

Who hasn’t fantasized about having sex again with that one guy that really got you off? Jacob Dolce is recalling that time he had sex with Alan Colter, massaging and rimming his semi gaping hole, whilst just laying and enjoying the rimming desperately expecting for Alan’s cock to be the next thing near his perfect pucker. after multiple positions and some ass to mouth action, Jacob is soon cumming over himself before sucking Alan’s cock dry, and getting his warm cum spurted over his face!

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18andupstuds – Holden Rush fucks Austin

Release Year: 2020
Video language: English

No doubt about it, the cute-faced bottom is in fucking extra-time bliss.

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A couple of guys scene 20

Release Year: 2020
Genres: Gay, Hardcore, Amateur, bareback
Video language: English

Russian couple amateur gays, perfect sex on bed action. Enjoy!

Format: mp4
Duration: 4:58
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