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Sap – (2004 Year)

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I attacked a guy with

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Grapik Art Productions – Bondage Pickup

Cast: Duke Tyler, Bobby Parks
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Master Duke Tyler cruises his van through Golden Gate Park, where he picks up yummy hitchhiker Bobby Parks. He then pulls over, and both guys get in the back for some hot sex. After getting young Bobby all worked up Duke convinces him to go home with him naked, handcuffed, and hooded. Upon arrival, Bobby is kept tied, his crotch is shaved, is applied, his cock is tortured, tits are worked on, ass is whipped, pits are shaved, and he is make fed 1.7 miles of cock.

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I just hit an erection

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BoyFun – Third Wheel Fuckfest (Jared Shaw, Max London, Vitali Kutcher) 1080p

Gorgeous jock boy Jared Shaw can’t wait to get his smooth and sexy twink friend Vitali Kutcher in private for some horny BoyFun, but to be honest we would all be just as eager as he is. Once in the bedroom he doesn’t wait, giving his buddy a friendly nudge onto the bed, their lips meeting in a sexy make out session that can only lead to more. The two are soon shirtless thanks to Jared’s eagerness to get things moving, showing off their contrasting physiques. They really compliment each other, with Kutcher’s smooth twink frame looking even more slight than he is against Shaw’s toned and tanned jock torso. While the boys might be different in so many ways, their cocks are quite similar and their hunger to suck and slurp them are equal in vigor. The gorgeous duo swap their shafts in a greedy session of mutual dick loving, but just as Jared starts to focus on that tight little ass his friend has to offer him who should appear at the door but tall and slender Max London! It seems he might have had a clue of what was going on while he was out of the way, but perhaps not surprisingly he’s soon invited to their private party when the boys catch him spying and groping his big dick in the doorway. Max doesn’t waste a moment, quickly accepting the invite and getting on the bed to share his own cock with the two horny friends. Thankful for a new cock to enjoy, a fresh mouth to feed and a tight hole to fuck, Vitali and Jared are soon sharing their friend, with Shaw’s big bare jock cock squeezing into his butt hole while Kutcher feeds him his boner! It’s a good thing tall young Max is such a greedy boy, he gets plenty of cock as the two team up to share his holes between them, ending with both giving him their loads right in his face and his own cum being sucked out of his big cock by Jared! I guess next time they won’t be neglecting to invite their thirsty friend.

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PeterFever – Awakening

Release Year: 2018
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Cast: Axel Kane, Max Konnor, Dominic Pacifico
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After Phallos’ minion escaped, the American Captain (Dominic Pacifico) drags stunned Panther, T’Balla (Max Konnor) into the house and explains the scene to his boyfriend Bucky Soldier (Axel Kane). Bucky comforts Cap and they begin making out. The hard dicks beneath their superhero jocks grind against each other, and Cap sucks Bucky’s nipple before dropping to his knees to suck the gorgeous muscular hero. Cap’s cock immediately rises to a stiff woody as he sucks cock and beats off. When he begs his buddy to fuck his ass, Bucky also rises to the occasion. Bucky plows in hard, grabbing Cap by the hips and driving in. Both superstuds smack together in a mighty clash of perfect muscle. T’Balla wakes from his stupor, starts to deliver his message but thinks better and pumps his dick into Cap’s hungry mouth, as they all form a perfect spitroast. T’balla’s huge ebony pole comes to perfect use as he takes his place to slam into Cap’s hole and Bucky feeds his boyfriend a dick diet. Cap’s body rocks back and forth between Bucky’s long rod in his throat and T’Balla’s big chocolate stick in his wide-open ass. Things hurtle toward a super climax as The Panther’s cock reams Capt before Bucky takes over once more, then tags his top buddy again to fuck on in. When Cap kneels down, he gets showered with a thick simultaneous spray of cum from both studs, the leather-clad Soldier and the ebony-muscled Panther.

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Raw Fuck Club – Jett Rink, Danny Gunn and Saxon West

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Cast: Jett Rink, Danny Gunn, Saxon West
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We knew one big dick andhot stud wasn’t enough for superstar bottom Jett Rink. So, we decided to fuck him with two big dicks. There’s nothing Jett loves more than a nice fuck session where he lays it all out, gets plowed and gets covered in cum.

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Blake Hernandez & Dario Garcia

Release Year: 2019
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Blake is quick to get into Dario’s pants and it isn’t long before he’s sucking on his big cock. An oral exchange follows, before Dario gives his bottom’s little ass and tongue licking. With the anal door open, Dario slides his big dick in form behind and starts fucking Blake. These slim and smooth Latin boys bareback in a variety of positions, with Blake legs in the air for the last round. By the time they are done, Blake is wearing two cum loads on his tummy.

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Next Door Raw – Boss Breeding

Release Year: 2019
Studio: Next Door Raw
Cast: Ty Thomas, Donovan Kane
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As new homebuyer Ty Thomas monitors his moving company, he notices one guy seems to be doing all the work. Checking him out, Ty likes the way Donovan Kane looks in his coveralls and appreciates the hard work Donovan is putting forth. They start to talking and Ty tells Donovan that he could use a good worker like him, asking him if he’d like to double his salary by quitting the moving company and working for him. Donovan is intrigued and asks Ty what sort of jobs he has in mind. With that, Ty moves closer to give Donovan a hands on demonstration of the duties he’d be expected to perform, and true to his instinct, Donovan turns out to be not only willing, but also very able, taking Ty’s cock deep into his mouth as he sucks his new boss off. Ty realizes he’s made a good choice when Donovan turns around and offers up his ass to Ty. Ty plunges his raw cock deep inside his new employee, fucking him from behind as they lean against the garage. Ty sits down and bounces Donovan on his dick before laying him out on a flattened box and fucking the cum out of him, pulling out and blasting his hole with his load before shoving it back inside, giving his new employee a nice and formal breeding initiation. Enjoy!

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MO – Jean Franko & Joao Miguel

MeninosOnline present latest hot video scene update with Jean Franko & Joao Miguel

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Czech Hunter Pt 446

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Today I was hunting in a small town again. I met a boy on his way from a local pub. He was a bit naughty which definitely made things easier. The guy was only 20 years old and looked quite cute. He wasn’t rushing to get back to his girlfriend so we had a little chat about his private life. He had a few juicy stories to tell and then agreed to show me some skin. I was paying of course, the boy was very greedy. I took him behind bushes and undressed him. Since I really liked what I saw, I invited him to my place. The boy took a refreshing shower during which he got a boner. What a perfect pick! Only problem was his gag reflex, he could barely touch my cock. I decided to solve the problem by giving him a blowjob myself. That calmed him down nicely so I was able to proceed with more serious stuff.

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BoyFun – Roughhouse Arousal Bareaback

Release Year: 2019
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Cast: Devin Lewis, Jake Olsen
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Sweet little long-haired twink Jake Olsen is reading in the bedroom when his energetic and excitable friend Devin Lewis leaps up onto the bed hoping to persuade the boy into some afternoon adventures at the mall. Jake might be reluctant to head outside and deal with the crowds, but he’s not going to refuse a little BoyFun in place of it. Having lost his argument and failing to convince his friend out of the apartment Devin eagerly moves on to the alternative, making out with his gorgeous pal and seeking out his engorged young tool in his pants. Convincing Jake into sharing his already rigid dick is certainly not a difficult task, Jake’s dong is always prepared for some sucking and his mouth is perpetually eager to slurp some dick too, so it’s not long before both gorgeous young twinks are swapping their awesome boners with each other. The taste of precum leaking from their throbbing erections certainly beats anything little Devin could have planned, but the feel of a tight young hole wrapped around a bare shaft of hard and warm cock is even more desirable. Pale Devin straddles his buddy, holding his thick tool at the entrance to his most private place, easing his pucker down on the swollen tip and following it up with every bulging inch. The adorable boy’s own erection bounces and throbs with delight as he slides up and down, stroking his shaft, their combined moans of youthful pleasure filling the room around them. A little ass-to-mouth sucking gives Devin a taste of his own hole before he gets right back to work, buggered deep and intensely until their hard pricks can’t take any more and their loads spill out in a juicy climactic treat! It’s safe to say this plan was far more fun than walking around the mall all afternoon.

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Raw Fuck Club – Sinful Sauna Part 1

Studio: Raw Fuck Club
Cast: Viktor Rom, Ciro
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In the first of a sauna trilogy, newcomers Viktor Rom and Ciro enjoy a hot, passionate fuck in an underground Spanish sauna. Viktor puts his huge meat into action and Ciro’s hole can’t get enough!

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Hot Threesome Damon Andros, Stephan Harte & West 576p

Cast: Damon Andros, Stephan Harte, West
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Stephen Harte is sitting on the couch with a hot, hairy man on either side. Damon Andros is the bald, bearded on his right and West is sexy furball on his left. The guys start out stroking their own bones, then one another’s, then Harte gulps both stiff cocks down his throat. Come inside and watch Damon and West spit roast Stephen.

Standout moment. Stephen is on his hands and knees gulping West’s dick, meanwhile Damon is tapping Stephen’s wet hole with his finger. "Yeah … is that a hungry hole?" he asks. Stephen moans and Damon eats his hairy pucker until his head almost caves in, then he flips Stephen around and West tongue fucks him next. West finally puts Harte out of his misery and plunges his big dick inside.

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