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The team of STX International College hopes you enjoyed the series so far… We are about to jump into the last stretch of the series by the release of the episode 5 this 3rd of January, so we decided to gift the fans with scenes off of the main cameras! Discover how the team worked and played hard in an intense week full of a variety of moments with the cast!

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Austin Ponce’s Sex Diaries, Part 2 720p

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Yeison is the latest boy to move in, and he’s arrived at the right time! While Austin is showing him to his new room horny young hunk Dmitry is getting to grips with his rampant cock on the couch, and of course when they catch him in the act they’re more than happy to join in! Young Yeison might not have expected such an interesting welcome, but the smooth boy is soon feasting on double dick and taking an awesome pounding from his new roommates. We’re sure there’s a lot that comes with the monthly rent, but the best feature of the house is all the cock and cum to enjoy!

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Onlyfans – Zaizai – Crazy Love Part 1

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Lionel Lilac is about to school Alan Vicenzo in the art of the benefits of ingesting Protein, or as we all like to call it, cum/sperm. First, we get the nutritional values for this task, then Lionel let’s us in on a little game that will help you increase your intake of Protein.

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During an outtake after a getting fucked by Austin, Caleb was lying there shaking. I came up to him and asked him if he was okay. He told me he did not want to talk about it. He told me he never had been fucked that way before and was feeling something he never felt. I asked him if the thing he never felt before was good or bad. And he gave me a weak smile whispered, good. That is the magic of Austin Wolf. He has literally won awards for being the best top. And this scene proves why. At the beginning of the shoot, Caleb confesses to Austin that he googled him before their scene. He was super excited to be with a guy so big. Austin has about 8 inches and 60 lbs on Caleb. But Caleb is no slouch. He is all 100 percent pure American beef cake. The two decide to compare their bodies. Shirts come off, pecs are felt, nipples are sucked, biceps licked, underwear pulled down. Before we knew it, Austin grabbed Caleb and shoved his dick down his throat. Caleb jumped on top of Austin and returned the favor. Then he sat up and let Austin eat his ass while he pressed his body up against the window. Once his ass was nice and wet, Caleb started riding Austin. By the time Austin took him doggie style, the Caleb we knew and loved ceased to exist. He started making sounds I never heard before. He was being touched and fucked in places he never realized existed. By the time Austin was fucking Caleb on his back, he was ready to explode. When Austin saw this he pulled out and shoved his fingers up that tight hole. Caleb made a sound of utter and exploded all over himself. Austin then rolled over and nutted all over Caleb. Caleb then sucked the jiz down and snowballed it back to Austin. Caleb then collapsed on top of Austin, resting his head on his big heaving Chest. I think the whole world will need a cigarette after this video.

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Family Dick – Open Up to Me, Boy

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Brody walks into his stepson Zacc’s room in the middle of the night, to find him watching videos and unable to sleep. The boy explains he can’t sleep because he misses college, opening up about how he could do what he wanted, like dating older guys. Brody sits down with him and opens up too, telling him he misses his boy, but he’s happy he came home to celebrate ’s Day. Zacc then confesses that it’s a shame Brody married his , something Brody also regrets as he lusts for Zacc. When Brody is about to leave, Zacc decides to surprise him with his Day’s gift, stripping and showing Brody his bubble butt for him to pound it.

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