Jeremy Lucido (Part 3)

This is what happens when you work overtime with a colleague who has a crush on you…

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HungYoungB – 6 sexy rent boys head into the woods

Studio: HungYoungBrit

Random heat wave comes from nowhere and gets all my mates horny
That Stunning Brazilian rent boy was there too with the wish finder on his neck (Although he was proper off his face I think)
We are not happy unless we have other guys cum to play with whilst we are barebacking each other – we love taking risks – it makes us Rock Soild

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Adrian C. Rings and Ryan Sinolds

With a very sexy mean streak, this stud fucks as hard as he takes it.

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HotHouse Alex Mecum & Devin Franco – The Foreman’s boy

Devin Franco can’t keep his eyes off Alex Mecum’s chiseled, hairy body. He drops his power tools and gets down on his knees to worship Alex’s rock-hard dick. Alex looks down with approval as Devin skillfully sucks on his co-worker’s massively large cock. The two rub each other as Devin feels Alex’s hard pecs and hairy chest. Alex drops to his knees and starts sucking on Devin’s cock. The horny studs’ testosterone continues to rage as Alex turns Devin around to get a good look at his perfect inviting ass. Devin’s tight hole is ready to be fucked bareback, but first Alex tongue-fucks his hole, getting it nice and lubed up before he shoves his massive tool deep inside. Devin’s face is overcome with rapture as he feels his co-worker’s bare cock begin to fuck him wildly. Now, it’s Devin’s turn to return the favor as he starts fucking Alex as hard as he can, fully enjoying Alex’s tight warm hole wrapped around his raw cock. Devin cums while fucking Alex, and Alex soon explodes all over himself while riding Devin’s cock.

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DeepthroatXXX videos Part 3

Some like it hot, some like it rough, Some Like it Super Size. We like it all. And we like it raw!
I hope you anjoy this as much as I do =) Enjoy and stay tuned!

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Ears In Debt part 1

Release Year: 2014
Studio: DebtDandy
Genres: Duet, Interview, Oral Sex, Fingering, Anal Sex, Bareback, Masturbation, Cumshots, Facial, Big Dick
Video language: English

What’s up? Here we are: Jan, Martin and The General, three wild guys from Prague.

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Chaosmen – Jamison & Micah FlipFlop

We had several failed attempts to make this video happen. Jamison had to back out because of scheduling, and then we had travel delays. Plus you may or may not notice (well, now you will) Jamison is keeping his right hand out of play- broken finger.

Didn’t think it was that bad, but turns out he had to get some pins put in a couple days later. We won’t see him again for a month or two as he heals and is in a proper cast.

But he made this one work, and it worked well, despite the added challenge of fucking on a couch. It’s just so much easier using a bed, plus it allows me to get good angles. But we managed quite nicely and we get some awesome angles of Micah drilling Jamison’s ass.

Jamison had no problems getting fucked and thankfully he is a switch-hitter when it comes to jacking off. I think he had an epiphany that it could actually feel good and tried once to cum from being fucked, but his hand just gave out.

These two genuinely seem to be into each other, and I think Micah was pleased to fuck the heck out of someone.

With Jamison’s bum hand, we kind of did the cumshots separate as Jamison needed to really focus on cumming. So there is that disconnect between cumshots. I’m usually pretty lucky and everyone nuts reasonably close to each other. But we had to fade into his cumshot. I hate that, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

The upshot is, we get a double creampie on this one. So the ending has a Double Stuff frosting ending!

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FuckerMate – Red Hot Action – Aquiles Paris & Andrea Suarez (720p)

This week we welcome Aquiles to Fuckermate. We thought Andrea Suarez would be the perfect mate to welcome Aquiles. We wanted to show you the romantic side of Fuckermate. It was a beautiful setting with rose petals everywhere but this only led to a hot passionate action, exactly what Fuckermate is famous for. This was red hot action between two red males.

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Matie and Eric Ford – Recruitment

There can be nothing better than your handsome lover romancing you, turning you on and filling you up with deep thrusts until you’re ready to shoot your load!

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Austin & Dr. Wolf Chapter 4: Dr. Wolf’s Private Room

Release Year: 2019
Cast: Austin Young, Legrande Wolf
Genres: Oral, Anal, Bareback
Video language: English

Austin loves the attention he gets from Dr. Wolf. The tall man loves to feel his tiny little body and especially his tiny little hole wrapped around his huge cock. He loves tossing the little guy all over as he pounds the whimpering little guys cute little bum, butt sometimes, he just loves showing him some tenderness.
Austin was thrilled to get a teddy bear from the older man. Dr Wolf loves to give his fun-size friends something to hold onto while he stretches their tiny little holes. As much as Dr. Wolf wants to see him happy, he loves seeing how Austin sizes up next to the big teddy. The average person might see that as just a cute stuffed bear, but it’s practically the same size as Austin himself–a fact that gets Dr. Wolf’s cock instantly hard!
Dr. Wolf can’t resist getting aroused when he sees him holding it. He kisses the sweet young boy, caressing his body before pulling down his pants. He’s seen his naked body many times, but it’s always a true pleasure to see just how tiny he is. He puts his hand on his butt, feeling it completely encapsulated by his palm. It’s intoxicating just how big it makes him feel to have a tiny bottom there in his bed.

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Letterio Gets Fucked bBy Tim And Eats His Hot Cum

Cast: Tim Kruger, Letterio
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Cumshots, Kissing, Masturbation, Huge Cocks, One on one
Video language: English

Bear strong Letterio Amadeu was in town and of course we could not resist to meet the hunk and shoot some action with him and Tim.
Tim gave the big man a good strong assfuck and in the end Letterio enjoyed a big cumload right in his mouth.

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Cristian Sam fucks Vicenzo’s asshole 1080p

Cast: Cristian Sam, Vicenzo
Genres: Huge Cocks, Bareback, Muscles, Bodybuilder, Outdoors, Doggy Style, Riding, Shower

We’re still on our 10th anniversary high here, so we’re gifting ourselves not one, but two Argentinian muscle hunks today. The Alpha macho Cristian Sam is back on Timtales directly from Buenos Aires to give his bareback debut, fucking our gorgeous bodybuilder Vicenzo. It’s still summer here in Barcelona, so of course they are raw fucking at Tim’s terrace under the brightest sun. It’s one hot scene, truly a taste of paradise. Enjoy

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Duration: 22:00
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IconMale Cade Maddox & Lucas Leon – Blended Family

Musclebound superstar Cade Maddox and young Latin hottie Lucas Leon are perfect together. Cade is dominating with his thick muscles and his giant cock. Lucas is a willing cocksucker and takes every inch down his throat. Cade loves the taste of Lucas his ass before he shaves every inch up there with extreme pleasure.

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Duration: 22:34
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Male Shorts: International Nomber V1+V2 (2018-2019) 720p

Two strangers visit the penthouse of a recently deceased lover, only to find themselves learning more about each other. Baptiste is a gay man who can’t stop dreaming about a woman who works at a local pub. His desire for her makes him go on a journey that he could had never imagined…

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