Butch Dixon – Dylan Ayrton & Isaac Eliad (720p)

Hubba Hubba, this is a scorching, hot dish of all Spanish beef with the delicious – Dylan (do-anything-you-want-to-me) Ayrton and the ever hard, ever handsome, oversized – Issac Eliad, these guys are vhot! What I wouldn’t give to be the gherkin between these two beefy slabs!Issac and Dylan fuck like animals, absolute passion, slamming their hard bodies against each other and such handsome guys! New addition Dylan is a total find as horny as he is handsome and he luvs suckling on a big dick, we did wonder if he’d bitten off more than he could chew but once Issac had spit lubed his tight, delicious, little fuck-hole this randy bottom boy couldn’t get enough of that eight inches of uncut gristle. Dylan takes it , cowboy and any way that he can feel the full throbbing length of dick deep inside him, clenching his muscle butt tight to lovingly constrict around Issac’s throbbing member until this handsome ( Oh look at that face, he’s fucking exquisite) young man is covered in steaming gooey sperm!

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:26
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1464kbps
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Our Shots & Goals Part 3

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Asian, Teens, Anal/Oral Sex, Blowjob, Handjob, Solo, Toys, Masturbation, Cumshots

The cock is put on while refreshing Saka uni you Ketsuman dig!

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Duration: 2:08:50
Video: 640×360, AVC (H.264), 1952kbps
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Next Door Raw – Dalton Riley and Johnny Hill 1080p

Release Year: 2019
Studio: Next Door Raw
Cast: Dalton Riley, Johnny Hill
Genres: anal, bareback, dalton, door, fhd, hill, hunks, johnny, next, oral, gay, porn, raw, riley

Two lovely beautiful boys decided to have a good fucking! As usual, it all starts with a deep blowjob, after sucking off a pussy, our hero takes over his lover’s ass and fucks it fondly. The guys try different poses, it all looks pretty and cute! Cool video for what you would enjoy!

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Duration: 34:48
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Pleasure from pleasure

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Hector Agusti, Eddie Harris
Genres: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshots, Facial, Interracial, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut.
Video language: English

One time more our black carriben mate Hector , making of yours , This time with Our hungry and thirsty Eddie Harris , In this Inter-racial meeting you can see all a hot chemisty and complicity , Eddie give to Hector all that he is wishing , pure extasis and Héctor feedback with a enormeus movimient with his muscle to make flip Eddie of puré pleasure. Dont Miss how Eddie dry the last drop of Hector cum.

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To add to the challenge

To add to the challenge both men have hard clamps clipped on to their sensitive balls.

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Duration: 2:02:42
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Leander & Maxence Angel

Release Year: 2018

Hung new guy Maxence is a perfect match for muscled top Leander, that’s clear from the moment we join them on the bed in their underwear, their cocks raging and ready to be worked while the two kiss and grope. Leander gets the oral started, working on the new guy’s impressive uncut meat, inches of throbbing shaft. Maxence is soon showing his own oral skills, gobbling down Leander’s rigid tool with some deepthroat action that only seems to make him more desperate for that big stick up his arse. Boy does he get it! We all know Leander can fuck, and he’s soon showing his topping skills again with this guy, ramming him from behind, giving the guy a ride on his boner and finishing up with a missionary slamming that has Maxence splashing his cream out over himself. Leander is soon giving the guy a final welcome to the site with a messy eruption of his own cream!

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Duration: 26:20
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Missionary Boys – New Recruit – Elder Packer and Elder Rim (with President Lewis)

While the men of The Order usually keep a very strict and authoritative air about themselves while interacting with the youngmissionaries, every now and then they take the time to show the boys that there is fun to be had in servicing the priesthood. This is why President Lewis has been charged with putting Elder Packer, a new missionary boy, through a bit of hazing with strapping Elder Rim. Rim has proven to be one of the standouts of the missionaries, and this is the perfect opportunity to indoctrinate him further by fostering some light-hearted camaraderie between him and Lewis.

President Lewis explains that in order to initiate Elder Packer, he and Rim will sneak into the bathroom while Packer showers to fool around with his lithe body. Elder Rim is more than up to the task, not only because he knows he must do whatever is asked of him in order to please the priesthood, but also because he has had a keen eye on Packer since he first met the boy.

There is something about the kid’s beautiful curly hair and porcelain skin that makes Rim’s cock grow, and now that he has been given Lewis’s permission to have some intimate fun with the boy, he realizes it is an opportunity he has to take full advantage of.

He and President Lewis creep into the shower while Elder Packer lathers his long, thick shaft with soap. They examine his penis, comparing it to Rim’s extra girthy cock, and wondering how big it will get once it is erect. To test it out, President Lewis has Rim spread the boy’s cheeks and guide him into sitting on Lewis’s stiff dick. All the while, he films the action with a camcorder he has brought along. Packer rides Lewis’s penis, feeling his hard rod penetrate deeper and deeper into his sore hole with every pump. And while he loves the attention he is getting from his fellow missionary and his favorite priest, he is unsure of whether he is doing an ample job of pleasing them. Is his lack of experience showing, he wonders?

Rim doesn’t seem to think so, and the longer they spend in the shower with Packer, the more he finds himself attracted to the boy. He cannot wait to shove his fat cock inside Packer’s butt, and as soon as Lewis commands him to do so, his body becomes inflamed with passion. He takes his hard dong in his hand and crams it into Packer’s tight hole, filling him to the brim with his throbbing boner. Then, he thrusts aggressively, giving Packer a peek into what his path towards The Order will look like. This is the first of many ass poundings Packer can expect, and Rim wants to make sure it is one he will never forget. As Rim strokes away, Lewis cannot help but look on with pride and awe at the young man’s stamina and sexual vigor. Rim is a star, and Lewis cannot wait to welcome him into The Order when his time comes.

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:29
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 5858kbps
Audio: 135kbps

File size: 944.8 MB

Although reluctant at first

Although reluctant at first, Casey takes him up on it. He strips down to his underwear and lays.

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Duration: 2:02:27
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Piss Soaked Russian Cumslut – Alexis Clark and Casper Ellis – Full HD 1080p

Kaspar’s waiting in the park as the production team get ready the apartment for him. What he doesn’t know is that he’ll be soon on his knees covered in piss and ultimately cum! After sucking some of the boys off Kaspar seem’s to be gagging a lot, so Master Aaron suggests it’ll be a good idea to give the young lad a break and give him a piss shower whilst he gets his breath back. Once resumed the group blowjob, soon all the guys are eager to cum on the young russians face. All this before being sent to the shower, where once back on the sofa he cums over him self whilst the guys watch.

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French First Timers Volume 5

Release Year: 2018
Studio: Gay Porn Casting
Cast: Eliad Costa, Raf, Tim Cosla, Mehdi Nice, Sulyvan, Chad Enzo, Fred BDX, Greg Niort, Mister Fred, Steven Black
Genres: Bareback Sex, Gay Couples, Teens, Big Dick, Rimming, Sucking, Fucking, Sperm Eating, Sperm Sucking,
Video language: English

Only the French can bring true sex appeal to the small screen, especially when they’re sucking each other’s cock and fucking newbie butt holes for the very first time! Ten tempting Parisian men get down and dirty with five aggressive dick-down duets that you won’t want to miss and all that passion gets them more tan just a little hot under the collar and as beads of sweat run down their slim bodies, it makes them look even sexier – if that’s at all possible!Whether it’s in the bedroom or the garden, there are no limits to where these guys will fuck!

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:04:55
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5205kbps
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Leander & Johnny Polak

Release Year: 2018

It’s been a while since we last saw handsome redheaded hunk Leander in front of the cameras, but you know he needed to come back and give that big cock to hot young newbie Johnny! The big guy might be mostly a bottom, but when it comes to pounding a hot little piece of arse like Johnny he really doesn’t hold back. In their underwear and making out it’s already obvious that these guys have a whole lot of lust for each other, but that’s only proven once those dicks are out and the two are engaging in some seriously steamy mutual oral. Moving on to the boy’s hole Leander licks him out, dipping his tongue between those smooth cheeks and getting a taste, prepping the boy for his raging boner. He starts out slow, easing in and humping that tight little rump, but Johnny likes it a little harder. Watch him riding that fuckmeat and getting a jabbing fuck on his back until the boy’s cock is exploding hot milky cream up his abs! Leander has a lot to deliver when he pulls out and wanks off, showering the twink with semen in an impressive finish that leaves the boy dripping goo. It’s an awesome fuck, it’s great to see Leander again, and new boy Johnny is gonna quickly become a fan fave!

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Duration: 28:39
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Timsuck – Cream And The Morgan Twins

Cream loves having his cock serviced. The only thing better than a mouth nursing on his dick is 2 mouths working over his man meat. The Morgan Twins – devour ’s dick like it is their last meal on earth – working it over until they both get a dessert throat full of cum.

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Duration: 8:33
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1518kbps
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Crush – The Rub Down – Alex Rim & Vinny Blackwood (720p)

When Alex runs out of lotion by the pool, he asks his younger stepbro to put some on his beautifully tanned body. But after an oily massage, the little guy finds himself getting his ass pummeled by his sun-kissed stepsibling!

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:23
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Czech Hunter Part 420

Give in and cum on down as these hung guys will show you just what happens when passions are unleashed

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Duration: 22:43
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3912kbps
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ChaosMen – Jerome and Ron raw 720p

Release Year: 2019
Studio: ChaosMen
Cast: Jerome, Ron
Genres: flipflop, interracial, anal, bareback, gay, fucking, oral, porn, sex, sucking

Jerome and Ron were magnetically connected the moment they met. A couple times I had to tell them to save if for the cameras. We finally got them in front of the cameras and the fireworks started immediately. I feel like their passion is off-the-hook. Both Jerome and Ron were complimenting and encouraging the other the entire time. Ron, who normally likes to bottom, even wanted a chance to fuck Jerome. Jerome, of course loves to bottom, and got his ankles in the air quickly. Seeing how turned-on Jerome was, Ron got harder and harder, showing-off his topping skills. They flipped positions. Since Ron cums easily while being fucked, we wanted to see him explode this way. And explode he does! Stripes of cum shoot out of his cock while Jerome hits his prostate in all the right spots. Jerome then breeds his hole. After filling him up, he outs Ron’s cum-soaked hole, then sharing a hot kiss with Ron.

Format: mp4
Duration: 33:44
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2945kbps
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Neo Fucks Sexy Thiago

Cast: Neo, Thiago
Genres: Big Cock, Black, Latino, Interracial, Blow Job, Rimming, Bareback, Threesome
Video language: English

Another video with a guy named Neo, who is not surprised by a big dick. The guys deserve attention. Download and enjoy!

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:02
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 6524kbps
Audio: 124kbps

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RichardXXX Julien Torres & Scott Riley – Tonights Boyfriend

Julien is in the mood to finally satisfy his two fetishes. One being his lust for his husband’s , and two, his excitement over men wearing nothing but high socks and jock straps. Julien seeks out the company of Scott Riley to meet his needs for the night.

Format: mp4
Duration: 38:49
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 11713kbps
Audio: 309kbps

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ChaosMen – Wills and Owyn 720p

Release Year: 2019
Studio: ChaosMen
Cast: Wills, Owyn
Genres: blowjob, cumeating, cumshots, gay, hunks, oral, oralsex, porn, rimming, sucking

Owyn had only done oral with other guys. He seemed very cavalier about it, like it was no big deal. I got the feeling it was never something that he searched out, but rather it just would kind of happen. Wills was up for doing the oral, and I think this is the first time Wills has not been towering over his scene partner. Owyn is nearly his height and they are about the same in cock size as well. A complete match. I think Wills was surprised to be able to looks someone right in the eyes. Wills has more experience, so he led him through the shoot where they swapped oral back and forth, and Wills actually loves to eat ass, so Owyn gets his salad tossed. Owyn is wobbly the first time he gets head, but after sucking on Wills, he laid back down and truly got into the scene, bone hard and ready to cum. The ending is, well, comical. And yet, very hot. Owyn goes to give Wills a facial, with a prior warning from me to avoid Wills’ eyes. Instead, Owyn makes sure that every single drop goes into Wills mouth. Ok, maybe one drop lands on the bed. Now Wills, he is down with a little cum in his mouth, but this was a giant load, and he panics, unsure what to do with it. He’s not ready to swallow that amount, plus I usually tell the guys to spit a little to the side so we have nice cum to show case at the end. I told him to just spit some out. You can tell there is a debate going on, but instead he just swallows the load because the guy was nearly about to cum. Maybe he liked swallowing the load? Owyn had sat down, ready to get his own facial, but the Owyn is just too tall to for the placement of Will’s load on his face. Plus, I suspect after filling Wills mouth and watching him struggle to swallow it, Owyn was not about to find himself in the same situation and seemed relieve his chest took the load. Wills dumps his load on Owyn’s chest and the video ends a little quick as I take mercy on Wills and throw him a spit towel. I gotta give Wills credit. It was more than he expected, but he literally choked it down and never lost his own orgasm inertia!

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:55
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2956kbps
Audio: 112kbps

File size: 538.2 MB

Next Door Raw – Lance Ford and Dalton Riley 1080p

Release Year: 2019
Studio: Next Door Raw
Cast: Lance Ford, Dalton Riley
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, fucking, oral, porn, sex, sucking

Two lovely beautiful boys decided to have a good fucking! As usual, it all starts with a deep blowjob, after sucking off a pussy, our hero takes over his lover’s ass and fucks it fondly. The guys try different poses, it all looks pretty and cute! Cool video for what you would enjoy!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:09:20
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6646kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 3.4 GB

Roger Kint & Tommy Steele

Release Year: 2018

Don’t you just love double debut videos like this one? Both Tommy and Roger are new to porn, but they both arrived confident and ready to play, and it was a perfect choice to put them together. Although they’re both bisexual and versatile, they seem to have a plan for this one. After revealing their hard uncut cocks for each other and sharing some tasty oral (I would love to be there to blow both of those gorgeous dicks!) Roger is ready to slide his pierced cock into his new friend and show him what his tool can do. Tommy is an experienced guy, no doubt about that. He welcomes his new friend easily and obviously loves the feel of that dick inside him, fucked from behind and on his back, finishing up with a side-by-side wank off. Both of these guys are gonna hit the right spot with our fans, but I need to ask, would you be able to take Roger’s ringed piece?

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:38
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2823kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 533.1 MB