Gays Unusual As Jeff licks and fingers Guys hairy muscular arse


Video language: English

Big beefy Jeff and handsome hairy Guy have a passionate sucking session, taking turns on each others stiff dicks, getting them right down into their throats with some hot face fucking, and some great arse play too, as Jeff licks and fingers Guys hairy muscular arse.. climaxing with a hot & messy cum facial.. Tasty!

The lads start off standing, in shiny adidas sports kit, getting a good feel of each others cocks as they grope the bulges in their shorts. Some passionate kissing, then Jeff lifts his top to reveal his broad beefy chest, with tattoos, and Guy wastes no time getting in there to lick and suck on Jeffs pierced nipples as he rubs his cock. He takes off his sports vest and…

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Gays Unusual Lure Him In (2015)


Release Year: 2015
Genres: Oral

We got a new little cutie this time around to lure in this guy Josh who I told about the video spot. He’s pretty excited to get his dick sucked by her..and he REALLY enjoyed the blowjob from our switcharoo guy. He blew a huge load all over while the two of them giggled on the other side. So wrong..yet so right.

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Gays Unusual GW Apollo and Glenn


Apollo initially was very concerned about getting head from a guy. He debated doing the oral video, and only wanted to fly to Austin to do the solo. I already had a peep video of him, and even though we get a much clearer view of his jerk-off process with a studio solo, I wasn’t sure it would be worth flying him out for ‘just’ another solo.

So we talked a bit, texted, emailed, and he finally came around to receiving head.

His solo, as you know from yesterday, went very well, and it gave him a lot of confidence to work with a dude. I had set the shoot up to be the standard "lay on your back and watch your porn" instead of a side-by-side, but when Apollo saw how I had the room configured, he thought it would be strange and he said he would likely be fine if Glenn took his cock out too. Just no sucking back! Props to him for pushing his limits given how sketched out he was in the first place.

It did take him a while to get hard (the magic of editing!) but once up he was up he stayed solid. He would look from the porn playing, to Glenn, to me/the cameras, and generally had a pretty easy time.

He enjoyed the ass eating a lot, mostly because he has a dominant streak in him and the licking felt good, but also he could relax and not worry about his dick staying hard.

After that, the shoot got a lot easier for him. He "let go"a and really began to face-fuck Glenn. Glenn took it as a personal challenge to deep throat Apollo, plus they had time to chat before the shoot and they got along great.

Glenn is a lot like Ransom now. He knows when a guy is good or promising, so he goes the extra mile to make the dude feel comfortable and kind of "up sells" doing the whole gay-for-pay thing. He truly enjoys working at ChaosMen, and when he sees potential, he wants them to come work here too.

Not sure why Glenn is the dude who always gets cum in his eyes (well in this one he pretty much puts his eyes right in the line of fire) but he once again took a major facial that nailed his right eye. We sent him home once again with the Red Eye Badge of Honor.

Took Glenn a little bit to nut. Very hard to focus with a burning eyeball, but he ramps up and Apollo even helps to encourage him.

When I dropped Apollo at the airport, he seemed pretty certain he would be back to do more, so hopefully we will see his thick dick splitting a guy in two! But I am not holding my breath!

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Gays Unusual Falcon Studios – Big Dick Club – Mike Roberts and Roman Heart


Roman Heart and Mike Roberts undress in the locker room Mike pulls his clothing off revealing trimmed brown pubes and a large eight and a half inch uncut cock. Roman grabs that dong and jacks it sinking to his knees and taking it down his gullet. Roman strokes his own chubby eight and a half inch cut dick as he deep throats Mike all the way down leading Mike to fuck his mouth quick ‘n smooth. There is a very nice camera shot from behind of Mike’s hairy butt crack, gooch, and plump balls as he screws Roman’s face. Roman pulls Mike’s generous foreskin forward bunching it up and pulling on it with his lips. Hot! Mike bends over offering up his sexy bum leading Roman to munch down on that tight hairy bunghole tonguing the pucker and making Mike moan, "That feels so fucking good!" Hot!
Mike fucks Roman’s snug shaved asshole doggy style making him cry out, pout, and make all sorts of very sexy noises as he slides smoothly in ‘n out. Roman digs every delicious inch of that cock as Mike pounds that butt. Mike switches to fucking his buddy in the missionary position continuing his fast ‘n smooth strokes as Roman beats his meat. Mike shoots a wet clear load on Roman’s stomach. Roman dumps a large thick load on his fist and thigh.

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Gays Yuri Adamov takes a face-load of piss


Release Year: 2015
Studio: Staxus
Cast: Roman Smid, Yuri Adamov
Genres: Twinks, Oral/Anal Sex, Kissing, Rimming, Bareback, Dark haired, Fetish, Pissing, Shower, Masturbation, Uncut, Tattoos, Big Dick, Hands Free Cumshot, Facial, Cum Shots, Russian, European
Video language: English

After a hard session of cross-country running, is there any better way to clean off and relax than to strip right down and to take a shower? Certainly young Roman Smid doesn’t appear to think so, that’s for sure; although his time alone only lasts a few moments. That’s because he’s very quickly joined by the ever-adorable Yuri Adamov, who immediately lathers up and helps his buddy to soap down. All of this will obviously help Smid to wash away the grime and sweat of the run. What it might not do, however, is help the fellow wind-down – in fact, Smid’s excitement levels are soon raised to fever pitch when his mate invites him to piss all over his face!

It’s certainly not behaviour that’s conducive to taking it easy; and it might go some way to explaining how quickly the two lads are enjoying a passionate raw fuck almost as soon as they’ve quit the bathroom together just a few minutes later. Indeed, there’s no holding these two beauties back once they’ve located a mattress – Adamov is quite literally riding that long, meaty shaft of his mate’s like a bitch in season before anyone really knows what’s happening.

Not that you blame him the lad, of course. With a pole like that between his legs, Smid is surely everyone’s idea of a welcome break; and it should come as no wonder to anyone that he’s soon taking the handsome rod in a whole series of positions! All climaxing in a hands-free eruption whilst being duly buggered; before Smid seals the deal in return by busting his nuts at Adamov’s welcoming mouth. Surely another shower is but moments away …?

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Gays Asian 3P Fun


They have a hot sex fest that leads to each one of them exploding with cum by the end of it.

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Gays Dean Sage’s Shawn & Jordan


Release Year: 2015
Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Cumshots, Kissing, Masturbation, Tattoos, Piercing, Twinks, Brunettes
Video language: English

When you have piercing blue eyes and chiseled cheek bones like Jordan Thomas you have every right to expect to command the attention of those around you. And especially that of your boyfriend. But when Jordan and Shawn arrive back to their hotel after a day of shopping Jordan finds that Shawn is too wrapped up in texting his friends to give Jordan the attention he deserves. When showing a little skin doesn’t change Shawn’s outlook, Jordan ups the ante by getting right down to his sexy undies and giving Shawn a faceful of ass that he can’t refuse. Once Jordan has Shawn’s attention he takes charge of the situation. He pushes Shawn back into the chair and shoves his tongue down Shawn’s throat. Next down Shawn’s throat is Jordan’s fat, throbbing cock and Shawn is given no choice but to take it and like it. Once Jordan has Shawn’s clothes ripped off it’s time to deal out the most important punishment/reward of all. Jordan gives Shawn an ass fucking that he’ll never forget. And to top it all off, Jordan blasts a full creamy load right into Shawn’s face. You can bet that that was the last time Shawn doesn’t give Jordan the attention he’s due.

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Gays Inter-racial play


Release Year: 2014
Cast: Hector Agusti, Eddie Harris
Genres: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshots, Facial, Interracial, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut.
Video language: English

One time more our black carriben mate Hector , making of yours , This time with Our hungry and thirsty Eddie Harris , In this Inter-racial meeting you can see all a hot chemisty and complicity , Eddie give to Hector all that he is wishing , pure extasis and Héctor feedback with a enormeus movimient with his muscle to make flip Eddie of puré pleasure. Dont Miss how Eddie dry the last drop of Hector cum.

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Gays Asian Story Best A (2015)


Video language: Japanese

Porn in the typical Japanese style. Asians masturbate anal and dick sucking each other!

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Gays Lorenzo And Noah Riley Serviced (2015)


Video language: English

I am so excited to be working with Lorenzo. His solo was awesome, and his energy for this video is real and electric! Of course, it helps a lot that not only is there genuine chemistry between him and Noah, but also that Noah also has got some great energy and skills too.
From the moment they start kissing you know the sparks are going to fly! Lorenzo has a bossy vibe that Noah responds to with enthusiasm. He has Noah worshiping his cock in no time. But he is also eager to please his boy, and sucks and rims Noah till pre-cum is dripping out of his cock like a faucet. His cock sucking skills are in the elite category!

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Duration: 23:18
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