WilliamHiggins – Jeremy & Alexandr Raw – Full Contact


We have a lovely pairing in a Dreamset, Alexandr Jandr and Jeremy Robbins. Both are in only underwear as Alexandr pushes Jeremy up against the door. Jeremy explains that they must being going somewhere. Alexandr has other ideas though and begins to kiss Jeremy. He drops to his knees and nuzzles his face in Jeremy’s swelling underwear. Then underwear is lowered to release Jeremy’s mighty fine cock. That cock is growing big and hard as Alexandr takes it into his mouth. Alexandr sucks hard on the big cock as Jeremy moans with pleasure. His dick is rock hard as it is sucked. Alexandra cups the hairy balls too as he works on the cock. He is able to deep throat Jeremy’s cock and takes it all into his mouth. Jeremy fucks that hot mouth as he holds the back of Alexandr’s head. Then Alexandra stands up and they swap places so that Jeremy can kiss his way down to open his friend’s jeans. The jeans are lowered and Jeremy rubs the underwear. Then Alexandr’s stiff cock is released and available for sucking. Jeremy licks and sucks that rock hard cock as Alexandr feels his own hot body. Jeremy sucks on the balls as well as that cock. The hot mouth sucks hard on the balls, pulling on them with the lips. Jeremy wanks on the cock and sucks it deep into his mouth. Then he stands up and they kiss some more. Moving towards the bed Alexandr sits on the floor and Jeremy positions himself to slide his ass down on the stiff cock. He rides up and down on Alexandr’s throbbing cock. His tight hole works that cock so well as it bounces up and down on it. Alexandr reaches round to wank on Jeremy’s cock as his own dick is worked hard by the hot ass hole. Moving onto the bed Jeremy lays on his back to be fucked some more. He wanks himself as Alexandr’s dick works his tight hole. Jeremy takes it so well as the fills his ass. Then they swap places so that Alexandr can feel some cock in his ass. Jeremy’s big dick fucks hard into Alexandr’s ass, pulling out and sliding in again. Alexandr wanks himself as he feels the big cock pounding his tight ass hole. He keeps wanking hard and soon shoots his cum over his sexy body. He milks his cock dry as Jeremy continues to fuck his eager hole. He keeps fucking deep until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out to shoot his hot cum as well. He wanks both cocks in one hand and then leans forward to kiss Alexandr again.

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:00
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