WilliamHiggins – Jan Blatnik – Helping Hand


Jan Blatnik is a very sexy guy. He looks good as he lays along the sofa reaching into his underwear to grope himself. His arm reaches deep into the underwear to feel his cock and balls as a helping hand arrives too. Those hands soon pull down and remove Jan’s jeans. Then the hands slide into Jan’s underwear too. The underwear is removed too and oil is dripped onto Jan’s dick. A hand rubs over the cock to coat it, and the balls, with the oil. The stiff cock is wanked and the balls are rubbed as Jan lays back and enjoys the feeling. Jan sits up and removes his tee shirt. Then he leans abck as the hands apply more oil to his stiff dick. Jan’s legs are raised into the air which exposes his hot ass hole. He wanks his cock as oil is rubbed over his hole. A finger teases that hole and then pushes inside. The finger fucks all the way into Jan’s hole as he keeps wanking on his cock. The hole then feels two fingers fucking deep inside. They are removed and replaced by a dildo which fucks the ass nice and deep. That toy fucks Jan’s ass hole so well, filling it up as he wanks himself. The hole is fucked hard which causes Jan’s stiff dick to release the squirting cum. He milks his cock dry as the toy continues to fuck him deeply. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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