WilliamHiggins – Istvan Bernas – Massage


Istvan Bernas is a very cute guy. He has a fit body too, as he shows when he strips down to his underwear to await his massage. Laying on his front on the bed he is soon joined by the masseur who takes some oil and starts the massage Istvan’s back. The expert hands glide over the back, taking more oil too. The Istvan’s shoulders and his neck are massaged deeply. Even more oil is used as the hands begin to work down the back too. Then Istvan’s arms are each bent up his back as the shoulder blades are massaged, along with more work on the neck. As the hands move lower down the back fingers slip into the underwear too. A hand rubs over the ass in the underwear. Then the ass is bared as the underwear is lowered. The sexy ass cheeks are coated in oil as the hands run all over them. Then the underwear is removed completely and more oil is rubbed over the ass. The hands run all over the ass and onto Istvan’s thighs too. Then attention moves to his feet. They are massaged deeply after being heavily coated in oil. Then Istvan’s legs are parted, exposing his cock and balls between his thighs. Oil is dripped onto his ass and rubbed all over it. A hand rubs down onto the balls too and then into the ass crack as well. The cheeks are spread to show off that tight hole. Istvan’s cock seems to get nice and hard as he enjoys the feeling of the hands on his ass. Oil is dripped onto his cock and that is then stroked. The cock head glistens as the fingers rub over it. The ass cheeks are spread again and a thumb rubs over the hole. The stiff cock is rubbed too. Then Istvan a finger is inserted into the tight hole and fucks deep inside. The finger is removed and is replaced by a thumb as the rock hard cock is wanked as well. The thumb is removed and the cheeks are spread to show off the tight hole. Istvan moves onto his knees, giving good access to his ass and his stiff cock. The balls are rubbed and then the cock is wanked between his legs. The big cock is nice and hard as it is stroked. His balls are held up as the wanking continues. Then that tight hole feels a finger sliding inside again. The hole is fingered deep before more oil is applied. The cock is pulled back and wanked hard as the finger works into that hot hole. The cock is wanked hard and fast as the hole is fingered deep. After having that hole fingered well Istvan turns over and lays on his back. His sexy body is oiled and the cock is wanked again. It is wanked hard and fast and soon gives up a nice load of cum. The cock is milked dry to complete a very nice massage.

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