Welcome to the Forbidden Boy Hotel – Breeding My Boys Little Hole – Tape 1


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I’m used to getting lustful looks… I’m not bragging, it’s just a fact! Most of my life people have wanted to fuck me or get fucked by me, and I’ve just become used to it. I take care of myself, I exercise, and I present myself well. I can’t say I don’t work for it, but I’ll never forget when I started getting those looks from an unexpected source; my baby boy, Ian.I think most boys grow up idolizing their old man, but I could tell there was something more to it that just innocent admiration. I would catch him watching me at the pool or the beach, coming back from the gym, and sometimes even stepping out of the shower. I always encouraged his curiosity, but as time went by, I knew he was beginning to have more sexual thoughts.At first I …At first I didn’t know what to do. Honestly, it felt like the best compliment in the world to be seen as desirable by him. You get older and the lustful looks still happen, sure… But to him, I always stood strong, tall, and handsome. What surprised me the most was when I started to get turned on by him as well! Time went on and I could see a bit of that undeniable handsomeness that I always carried. Cute face, nice body, even a sizeable cock! He was a true chip off the old block.Eventually, it was me sneaking glances. After the fifth or sixth time I caught myself masturbating to Ian, I went online to try and get a handle on what to do. I read countless stories, unsure of what was real, but always enticed by what I would find. Tumblrs, Handjob Magazine, Nifty…It was then that I came across the Forbidden Boy Hotel. I tried to find reviews on it, hoping to get a sense of what it was. It seemed so exclusive and private, anyone who went never seemed to talk about it. My curiosity was piqued. I didn’t tell Ian what it was, but it didn’t matter. He was excited for a weekend away. We used to go camping years ago, but it was hard to find one-on-one time between work and school. At the very least, it would give us some time to bond and relax… But deep down, I hoped this would bring us even closer together.When we arrived, the place was beautiful and quiet. Settling in, I read over the welcome packet carefully. With Ian by my side, I tried to play it calm and cool. I acted as if I was just reading the hotel’s itinerary, when in fact, I was being given careful guidance on how to finally make love to my boy…Step one was easy. We had to get in the locker room and change. I’d done this with Ian countless times! We headed to the small room and began to disrobe, exchanging our clothes for the jockstraps and bathrobes we had been provided. It was a tight space so I helped Ian out of his clothes. As I did, I got a close look at his defined body.<br>As I helped him, my hands lingered on his buttocks and bravely made their way to his crotch. He seemed completely fine with it… Even happy! As I put his jock on, I saw he was starting to get aroused! I proceeded to change next to him, stripping down and dressing in my own jockstrap. My cock hung between my legs, merely a foot or so from Ian. His eyes locked on it, closer to him in that moment than probably at any other time in his life. I could see his eyes widen and I knew I made the right call.Once in bed, I continued to read the directions provided, curious what I could look forward to. When Ian came into bed with me, it was like a dream come true! My heart pounded as it pumped everything to my cock, making it fall out of my underwear. Ian did not miss this for a second, seeing it just a few inches from his mouth. I could feel his hot breath on it as he contemplated his next move. I didn’t want to do anything or say anything, afraid that the moment might pass and I’d miss the chance to really connect with my boy…Suddenly, he moved his mouth down and pressed his soft lips to the head of my cock, getting his first taste of his old man. I must have grown an extra inch just from the contact, aroused by my boy’s eagerness and bravery. I couldn’t be more proud… Or more turned on!I confess, I have a substantial package and I was concerned it might be too much for him, but damn, if my boy didn’t take it like a pro! I watched with pride as he swallowed me down again and again, savoring the taste of his old man in his mouth.After a few minutes, the moment came to me in full realization… Here I was, getting blown by my baby boy, caressing his tight, pink hole with my fingers, and dripping precum down his throat! I was going to make love to my boy, and I couldn’t be happier…

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