TwinkTop – Top Training – Cameron, Mitch, Rick 1080p

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Release Year: 2021
Studio: TwinkTop
Cast: Cameron Basinger, Mitch Cox, Rick Fantana
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Gay, Groupsex, Oral, Porn, Threesome

Coach Rick and Coach Cox had become close friends as they worked together. Rick was a bit younger and saw the athletes more as peers, but he still had a soft spot for the older man. He could tell he’d been struggling with his desires for the younger guys, not wanting to admit it or show his hand. But the young guys Coach Rick had been fucking had been spilling the beans about the older daddy’s extracurricular activitites. Wanting to give the older man a chance to embrace his desires and not feel like he had to hide anything, he brought his new friend, Cameron, in to fuck him good. Cameron was a tall, lean stud with a massive cock and a passion for coach-fucking, which made him the perfect choice for Coach Cox. When Cox came in, he was very aware that Rick and Cameron were all over each other. He didn’t know what to say, so he just sat down and asked why they wanted to see him. It wasn’t uncommon for a coach or player to want one-on-one time with him, but it was a little irregular for both to request a meeting. Coach Rick had a horny smile on his face as he ran his hands over Cameron’s body, practically showing off the young man like he was a prize. Cox’s gaze moved across his body, moving from his beautiful long legs up to his handsome, smooth, boyish face. Rick was direct and to the point, offering the boy’s big cock for the mustachioed coach to sample, a proposition that made him both nervous and incredibly aroused. Cox admired Cameron for sure, and he’d seen him a few times with his shirt and shorts off, just in a pair of socks and jock, a sight that inspired many heated masturbations. But having the chance to touch him and taste him, right then and there, with Coach Rick’s encouragement… it was like a dream come true. Cameron dropped his shorts and pulled out his cock, letting its weight become apparent as it hung down between his legs. Coach Cox stared, practically by his manhood, watching as it became full and engorged. Coach Rick took it in his hand, stroking it and getting the boy even more aroused while Cameron began to eye-fuck his older coach. Cox was breathless, feeling his heart pound as his cock got hard watching his colleague feel up their young athlete. And when Coach Rick finally asked if he wanted to join in, Cox couldn’t say no. Cameron smiled and removed his clothes before walking over to Coach Cox. The older man let out a desperate exhale as he tried to stay calm, seeing the big dick coming closer and closer to him. Timidly he reached out and touched it, feeling its thick girth and length in his grip. He opened his mouth, slowly taking it in, then exhaled again as he held it in his mouth.

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:00
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 4843kbps
Audio: 170kbps

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