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Tony Erickson plays with Rocky. Tony just lives to eat ass and while he’s in San Francisco he tries to get as many as he can. Rocky has a great hairy ass that Tony has been fantasizing about. He deep-tongues Rocky with great close-ups and shoots a big load as he can’t hold back any longer while he’s eating Rocky ass.
Jason Andrews and Jason West meet up and Andrews makes his buddy cream for his ass. He’s very verbal and urges him on to munch on his hole. There are great close-ups of slurping tongue action and the two get into many great positions for you to see all that is going on. Jason Andrews rewards Jason West with a great cum shot.
Billy Boy and Barry get it on with great intensity. These real-life lovers just know exactly what to do to turn each other on, and great ass-eating is the most important part of it. Billy Boy also loves to eat bananas out of boys’ asses and does so in this hot scene. These two guys eat each other with great abandon.
Tony Erickson, Trax Kimber and Simon Radiant get together for some early saturday munch-out. They suck each other’s cocks to get really excited and then settle down for some great ass-eating, taking turns on each other with eager tongues. This scene culminates in a fabulous double eating scene where Trax and Tony share Simon’s juicy hole and taste each other’s tongue as it comes out of Simon’s ass.

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