Time With Coach – Cole Blue – Chapter 7


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Over the years, Coach Savage found himself developing a genuine liking for some of his young athletes. He would take the time to ask about their home life, interests outside of sports, and just get to know the young men’s personalities. As a coach and mentor, he found that the athletes tended to gravitate towards him in general, as most of them grew to trust him.Sometimes, one of the young men would request a private meeting with Coach Savage in his office. Mostly, the boy would try to sweet talk him into giving them more playing time on the court or, alternatively, ask for advice regarding things going on in their personal lives. The coach really enjoyed these one-on-ones and occasionally he would develop a bit of a crush, but they were typically short-lived and fleeting.And then one …And then one day, a stunning and otherwise gorgeous young athlete named Cole Blue joined. To Coach Savage’s surprise, he was immediately smitten. He loved the outgoing but unassuming way in which the young man carried himself. Cole was well-mannered and very respectful of not just him and the other coaches, but to the other athletes as well.Coach Savage’s feelings and attraction grew stronger as time went by. He’d find himself distracted in team meetings, his mind wandering thinking about something Cole had said to him or the way in which he moved on the playing field, the young athlete’s perfect form and fitness driving him secretly wild. It was becoming more and more difficult not to stare as Cole would enter a room. Somehow the boy seemed to magically get increasingly more appealing as time went by.One afternoon after practice, Cole stayed behind after the other athletes had gone to the showers in the rec facility. Uncharacteristically, he seemed a bit nervous and uncertain. Intrigued, Coach Savage approached the young man and inquired about his health and general well-being. Cole, usually not this modest and shy around others, blushed a healthy pink hue when he asked his coach if they could meet in private the next day. Apparently, Cole had been wanting to make this request for a long time, but hadn’t built up the courage to do so until now.Later that evening, while Coach Savage was taking a long, hot shower, he fantasized about Cole. Now, this certainly wasn’t the first time that he’d thought about the boy in a sexual way, but the knowledge that he was going to finally be alone with him really got his excitement and arousal level to maximum heights. As he leisurely, sensuously massaged his thick, meaty erection, he imagined how he hoped this long awaited one-on-one would go….Meeting in his office, Coach Savage was plenty aware of how casually Cole checked him out as he walked into the room and sat right next to him. Unfazed by the boy’s subtly straight-forward approach, the simmering, tantalized coach laid his hand on Cole’s knee and gently stroked his silky smooth inner thigh. The coach unabashedly confessed to the young athlete how much he had been hoping for this private meeting. Cole seemed relieved by this information and smiled brightly as he had been thinking a lot about this moment as well.Coach Savage suddenly leaned in, placed his hands on Cole’s broad, athletic shoulders and kissed him. Just that awesome moment alone felt like a dream come true for the impassioned older gentleman. And when Cole slipped his tongue inside of Coach Savage’s mouth, it might have been the sexiest moment either one of them had experienced in quite some time. The natural erotic chemistry was for real and Coach Savage could feel it without a doubt.If there were any lingering inhibitions before, they were certainly gone now. The coach explored Cole’s exquisitely toned chest and abs, as the young athlete smiled and enjoyed the intimate attention. Coach Savage smiled as well, for his new-found jock loverboy’s cock was already at full mast and bulging in his shorts. Cole leaned back and let his coach and mentor’s hands go anywhere and everywhere they pleased.Coach Savage gave the boy’s erection a firm, but gentle squeeze. The young athlete responded with a big smile and a gasp of pleasure. The coach was well versed in administering erotic touch and play with several previous jock lovers, but this first time with Cole felt thrillingly unique and special. He desperately wanted to tear the boy’s clothes off and spend all day and night pleasuring him in every way the young jock commanded.It seemed to Coach Savage that Cole loved the way that he kissed and licked all over the boy’s chest and nipples. And when the lascivious older man massaged Cole’s balls through his underwear while kissing and licking him all over his body, the young jock’s breathing became more ragged and ornery. This excited Coach Savage like nothing had in a long time. The only question was who was going to be the one to remove Cole’s precum laced undies?As though they could read each other’s minds, both of them finally simultaneously moved to take Cole’s boxers off. Coach Savage was delighted to discover that the boy was wearing a skimpy white jock strap beneath his underwear! He couldn’t think of anything hotter in that moment as it appeared as though Cole’s throbbing erection was about to tear through the cloth, he was so turned on and horny.Coach Savage stroked, kissed and nibbled on the young jock’s steel hard erection as the boy moaned and gasped with excitement. Finally, unable to resist Cole’s delectable package any longer, Coach Savage yanked the young athlete’s jockstrap off completely and marveled at the boy’s enormous cock and melon-sized testes. And the precum continued to ooze steadily from the massive cockhead. Coach couldn’t help but enjoy the sweet flavor of the sticky treat, and took his time enjoying it, getting it all over his lips and tongue.Coach Savage was in absolute heaven and by all accounts, his favorite jock fantasy boy was as well. The older man almost couldn’t decide how exactly he wanted to take the young man’s first load– in his mouth or deep inside his ass? However, it wasn’t long before Cole made the decision for both of them. The young jock gently guided his sexy, horny coach back onto the couch, laid him down, and pushed his thick hairy legs back, exposing his juicy, hungry hole.Cole was just as ready as his coach was. Now was the perfect time to consummate their lust. The young jock clearly needed to fuck and Coach Savage most definitely needed to be fucked. As if on cue, Cole lined his erection up to his hungry entrance and slowly began the hot, sexy journey inside…!

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