The Pledge – Scout Ethan – Pt 2


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Entering a troop as a new Scoutmaster can be a little intimidating, but I feel like I’ve settled in pretty well. The fellow leaders have been really welcoming. The scouts, too! And so well-behaved.I knew I’d made the right move as soon as I attended my first outing. It’s not just that this new bunch are polite and eager, they’re distractingly hot as well!I guess, if …I guess, if I’m being honest, I’ve always found younger men sexy. What can I say? I’m a sucker for uncontrolled, raging hormones! I try hard not to act on the impulses, but occasionally a boy crosses my path who becomes utterly impossible to ignore.This was the case with young Ethan. I could tell from the moment I set eyes on him that he was promising. He’d shoot me these wanton, lingering looks which grew with intensity and eventually became utterly distracting. And when we were put together in a tent overnight , I knew the moment had come to move things to the next level…Since then, Ethan has shown to be a great (and discrete) Scout). I knew he’d be right for Elite Scouts, so I asked him into the Scoutmasters’ office for him to take his pledge.I sat him down at the table in the main office. I subtly locked the door. Ethan looked so cute sitting there in his uniform. My dick was instantly throbbing uncontrollably in my pants as it started sending somewhat desperate orders to my brain!I stood Ethan up to start his pledge. There’s something inherently erotic about placing an Elite Scout pin on a boy’s uniform. It’s a life-changing moment for him as he’s entering a world of adventure and excitement, but it’s also the moment when a boy begins his transition into real manhood.With Ethan, the moment felt particularly loaded. It was full of lingering looks and subtle touches which became increasingly sexualized. Despite our history, we tried our best to maintain the decorum and ceremony that the moment required. But it didn’t last long.I guess the tipping point happened when my hand drifted to his crotch. The boy was hard-as-a-rock down there, and as I ran my hand over the impressive bulge, he started moaning quietly.Before I had the chance to properly congratulate Ethan on becoming an Elite Scout, we were kissing. His lips were rosy red and surprisingly cold. His clothes had clearly been recently laundered and his skin smelt and tasted clean and fresh. He was a great kisser. Better than our night in the tent! Perhaps he’d practiced with the other boys.I started to undress him, knowing I shouldn’t have been doing what I was doing, but fuelled by the absolute taboo of the situation. With every second, I wanted him more…He was soon entirely naked, save for his hat and neckerchief. There was something exciting about being fully clothed in my uniform while he was naked. I felt unbelievably powerful, somehow. This entire encounter was mine to shape. Ethan himself was mine to shape. I could tell we both wanted to go further, and we would have another moment of passion…I dropped to my knees and started sucking on his giant, curved cock. I wanted him to feel sensations he’d never felt before, so I pulled out every trick in the bag until he was gasping and shaking with pleasure.I got him to climb up onto the table and present himself to me like a thoroughbred horse at a country show! At that stage, I started to undress myself.I moved around the table and gave his tight hole a good seeing to with my hungry tongue. He moaned excitedly. As I undid my pants and pulled out my throbbing dick, I wondered if anyone else had been inside him! A boy like this is certainly special, and I could hardly contain myself as I got closer and closer to cumming…

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