The Pledge – Scout Damien – Pt 1


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I found Damien endlessly intriguing. He was a slight, somewhat diminutive young man who might have been easy to overlook if it weren’t for his utterly infectious smile. But there was a depth… a seriousness lurking behind that smile. He was plainly a thinker, and he was almost certainly a boy whose company became increasingly rewarding as you slowly peeled the layers away. I recently became determined to get to know him better, and decided that my best course of action was to invite him to become an Elite Scout.Bizarrely, he seemed a little freaked out by the idea. I wondered if he didn’t want to fail; wondered if he didn’t want to let anyone down. He didn’t know if he was ready for the honor. It actually took me a few weeks to convince him to accept. I was astounded as boys usually end up bouncing up and down with excitement when they get the invitation.I invited him …I invited him into my office to take the pledge last Thursday. It’s nothing complicated—just a few words and the presentation of a special pin, but he was an absolute bag of nerves. Those nerves triggered that rather lovely smile of his, and by the time I’d finished my opening speech, I was utterly entranced. He looked so innocent in his neat little uniform and every time he caught my eye, he blushed. I felt an overwhelming desire to protect him, to scoop him up in my big arms and make sure he felt safe. But the more I looked at him, the more I felt my cheeks flushing red…Seconds later, I realized I’d become tongue-tied. The words were literally going dry in my mouth and tumbling out of me in the wrong order. His beautiful eyes were somehow suddenly boring into me; they almost me with their inquisitive innocence.I stood him up to attach the official pin onto the pocket of his uniform shirt. I needed to stand rather close to him and, after attaching the pin, I found myself absentmindedly fiddling with his neckerchief to make sure he looked good and smart. I pushed his chin up with my finger to ensure that he was standing up straight and found myself astounded by the smoothness of his skin. It caught me entirely off guard. I don’t know why or how but I suddenly found myself utterly engulfed by a wave of pure sexual desire for him.It all happened so quickly. One moment, we were staring into each other’s eyes and the next, I was kissing those beautifully soft lips. He was incredibly tentative at first. This was all new ground for him—I doubt he’d even kissed a girl before. But after a few moments, he started kissing me in the most remarkable way. It was so sensual, so gentle, so profoundly erotic. His body melted into mine. I have seldom felt so turned on by the simple act of kissing.I stood behind him and wrapped my body around his skinny, pint-sized frame. Slowly, I undid his shirt and uncovered his tanned, hairless body. At every stage I considered calling things to a halt. I was profoundly aware that this was his first time and that I wasn’t necessarily the best person to be showing him the ropes. But every time I pulled away, he kissed me again… and with such intense passion that I was helpless to do anything but continue the journey.I pulled off my shorts and he instinctively dropped to his knees, wrapping his tiny mouth around my giant dick, which he worked deep into his throat. This boy had serious skills for a first timer! The sight of my cock sliding disproportionately between his soft lips darned-well nearly made me shoot there and then.It drove me to hunger. I got him on all fours on the office table and ate him out, using every trick at my disposal until he was panting and whimpering, almost in disbelief. I suspect he’d never experienced anything even remotely similar to what I was doing, and his hole was opening up like a flower, ripe and ready for fertilization.I don’t know if he knew he was about to lose his virginity. I’m not sure I knew I was going to take it until I’d stood up and started to rub the tip of my dick against his hole. He could have pulled away at any moment, but he stood his ground, leaning back and kissing me with a level of lustful intent which nearly blew my mind. It took a while to get my dick into him as the poor boy was plainly experiencing a great deal of discomfort, but he persisted bravely as my cock crept into his hole a quarter inch at a time. The more he gasped and grizzled, the harder I wanted to do him. And then, just like that, my dick was deep inside him. My instincts consumed me.I dragged him off the table. He was as light as a feather, so I picked him up, held him in my arms, and somehow managed to deposit him back down onto my dick again. His ass latched onto me like it was the most natural thing in the world and I was soon pumping my giant dick into him again, rocking his body to and fro, while his spindly legs were wrapped around my waste.I placed him back down onto the table and penetrated him from the front, looking down at his trusting face and enjoying the sight of him gritting his teeth whenever I went at it with any kind of force. He was soon jerking his dick. The poor boy just couldn’t help himself. He was hard as iron and ready to blow. Sweat poured from him, his cheeks were flushed, and he was shaking all over.I stared into his innocent eyes and realized I couldn’t hold on any longer. I erupted into him like a volcano as torrents of jizz leapt from my dick, lining his intestines with the spoils of my sexual lust. He writhed on the table and, within seconds, was spraying his juices all over his stomach, screaming like he was possessed, as the meaning of life suddenly became clear to him.As I pulled out, I discovered what a load I’d blown into him. It was a unique, utterly incredible encounter, one which, even a few days on, I almost began to doubt really happened. The one thing I can be sure of, however, is that it will provide me with wonderful memories for the rest of my life.

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