The Covenant – Apprentice White – Chapter 4


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I have thought a great deal about Apprentice White since our encounter. It’s clear to me that the boy is special and a great future lies ahead of him. We here at The Order have Master Snow to thank for spotting this potential. Snow, of course, became overly attached to the boy, but after experiencing young Apprentice White’s soft, alluring flesh, I understood why.Master Snow was desperate to oversee the boy’s continued development, but I am the more senior Master and I am not yet done with this Apprentice. For all these reasons, it became important for Master Snow to witness him yielding to me, so I ensured that he was present for the covenant ritual. Any residual feelings that Apprentice White may have had for Master Snow would have been swept aside by his desire to serve a more dominant Master. Me.The Apprentice was …The Apprentice was suitably submissive as he crawled into the room, his white ceremonial gown clinging perilously to his body. As is customary, I instructed him to wash my feet. It is an ancient ritual and an act both of great sensuality and absolute servitude, which, I’m pleased to say, Apprentice White took seriously. He carefully removed my slippers and socks before gently, and with great concentration, passing the moistened cloth over every inch of my foot.I instructed him to stand, and then slowly ran my hands over the flesh which his flimsy gown had left exposed. He shuddered and shivered with heady expectation. I removed my suit jacket and undid the ribbons of his ceremonial robe. The white, pleated fabric billowed to the floor, leaving the boy entirely naked. I stood behind him and continued to run my hands softly up and down his body, feeling the goosebumps forming on his upper arms and pushing my fully-clothed torso into the arch of his back.The boy was fully aware of the presence of Master Snow, but made no attempt to look back at him, remaining firmly in the moment and entirely focused on me.I could feel my dick throbbing inside my tight suit pants. After being presented with an ass that beautiful, it was hardly surprising that my big fella was making a bid for freedom. I turned Noah around and instructed him to get onto his knees, unbuttoning the cuffs of my shirt and loosening my tie. He knelt but soon realized that I expected him to take the initiative. He reached out to the bulge in my pants and rubbed it nervously with the palm of his hand.I unbuttoned my shirt and looked into his eyes as I pulled down the zipper of my pants, pushing his roving hands back towards my dick, which he pulled through my garments and began to suck. I had forgotten quite how good that boy’s mouth felt as it explored my forbidden fruit. He is a remarkably adept deep-throated—skills, one assumes, that he was taught by Master Snow. I try to remain dispassionate throughout these key rituals, but Noah had me panting and groaning like some kind of addict. As he looked up at me with those innocent, ice-blue eyes, I wondered if a little part of me was becoming addicted to him.I threw the boy onto the bed and pushed his legs over his shoulders so that I could get my tongue inside his tight hole. I called Master Snow over and instructed him to hold the boy’s legs in position. It felt like a suitably humiliating request for my rival in this boy’s affections. Master Snow immediately did as ordered, a wicked smile forming at the corners of his mouth as he looked down at Noah’s pleasure-filled face. I noticed the boy looking up at his former Master and observed a certain connection which should have bothered me, but found it added something exciting to the proceedings. The young Apprentice was confused and conflicted and that is good for him.My tongue worked the Apprentice’s hole for what seemed an eternity. I wanted it brimming with saliva so that my dick could slide effortlessly inside. His entire body started to shake as I pushed myself into him. Master Snow kept a firm grip on the legs and I was rapidly able to build up a more-than-satisfying rhythm before fucking the boy with some degree of force. I found myself staring, I guess a little smugly, into Master Snow’s eyes, realizing what a profoundly beautiful man he is, too. Master Snow had managed to push his crotch right up against the back of the Apprentice’s head and as I pushed my big dick into the boy, his headwear was rubbing against the Master’s balls—causing him to tent rather impressively in his suit pants.I got myself into a push-up position and continued to bang the boy, knowing that every muscle in my body was tensed and flexing, enjoying, not just the sensation of my dick inside Apprentice White’s tight hole, but the feeling of Master Snow’s eyes boring lustfully into mine. The boy was soon howling with a look of almost shock plastered across his face. I took every opportunity to hold my fellow Master’s gaze as he watched me with a mixture of respect and intense sexual excitement.The sweat was suddenly flying from every pore in my body but I continued to fuck the boy with increasing force and energy. I glanced down and witnessed the Apprentice pressing his lips against the fabric of Master Snow’s pants, kissing there delicately. From that moment on, all I could think about was how amazing it would have been to watch Master Snow seducing the apprentice.I pulled out and flipped the boy onto all fours, immediately pushing my swollen dick back inside him. Master Snow knelt down so that his face was level with Noah’s. They soon locked eyes, and, as I fucked with hard, brutal strokes, Master Snow began to touch the boy with infinite fondness.Moments later, they began to kiss like lovers. This extreme tenderness was in complete contrast to the aggressive way that I was hammering the boy. The contradiction pleased me.Apprentice White grabbed his own dick and started jerking himself violently, never once taking his eyes from the penetrating gaze of Master Snow. In that moment I was forced to succumb to the idea that, although the boy’s body was mine, his heart and mind belonged to another. Having seen them interacting with such passion, it would have been silly to fight it.I closed my eyes and fucked harder and faster, knowing that I needed to nut and knowing that Apprentice White was jerking himself with increasing vigor. I opened my eyes again and saw Master Snow closing his hand around the boy’s throat, demonstrating his absolute power over him while intensifying the pleasure Apprentice White himself must have been experiencing.At last, I blasted my semen deep into the boy’s guts before pulling out. The Apprentice plainly wanted to stay and play with Master Snow, but that is not how things work here in The Order. The Apprentice doesn’t get to make decisions. A quick nod of the head was all that was needed to bring Master Snow to his feet. We calmly exited the room, leaving the boy to his thoughts and my semen slowly dripping out of his hole.

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