The Boy At My Door


Cast: Alan Caine, Ronan Keane
Genres: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Moaning, Kissing, Cumshots, Smooth, Twinks, Uncu
Video language: English

Ronan Keane has unfortunately locked himself out of his apartment, but it seems this might have been something of a ploy to get inside Alan Caine’s bedroom for some BoyFun. We can’t blame him if it was, we would all look for any excuse to get in there and have some fun with the young man.If there was any pretense when young Ronan is invited inside it’s soon gone. The moment they’re both on the bed their lips are meeting and Alan is welcoming his temporary guest in the best way.With a sensual exploration Ronan strips his neighbor down and takes his time to run his hands over his new friend’s smooth stomach and chest, but it seems Alan has his sights set on something else.In no time he has the boy’s throbbing uncut cock out of his pants and in his mouth, tentatively sucking on the juicy head and wanking the meaty tool. We can see he’s not used to sucking dicks, but with a little taste of that meaty dong his own big penis is rigid and ready for Ronan to return the favor.While Ronan might have genuinely lost his keys he’s soon unlocked the best kind of pleasure, with Alan sliding his raw and meaty length into his tight pucker, filling him up and thrusting deep, giving his neighbor a good fucking from behind and on his back.With Ronan’s dick slinging spooge out over his belly Alan is soon ready to deliver his, splashing his seed from his wanked dick to douse his new friend in masses of milky warmth.Next time Ronan won’t need an excuse to stop by.

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Duration: 21:29
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