Taylor Blaze And Vitali Kutcher

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Studio: Boy Fun

There are always horny guys hanging out at the skate park, and blond hottie Taylor Blaze is one of them. How he manages to not punch out the little bigot who tries to start a fight with him is anyones guess, but I suppose hes better than that and doesnt like stooping to their level. Vitali Kutcher doesnt intervene, but it soon becomes apparent why when he leaves his ignorant friend behind and goes to catch up with the gorgeous blond boy, following him home and immediately making clear hes there for some BoyFun. They dont even get past the kitchen before Taylor is shirtless and his cock is straining for release, and the moment its out its being licked and sucked by horny skater boy Vitali. For such twinky young guys these two both have amazing dicks, thick and long, uncut and tasty, enough to satisfy even the greediest cock sucker. After spending some time getting to know each other their their dicks in each others mouths the two finally manage to get a little more comfortable on the couch, the perfect place for Taylor to take this from a session of cock swapping oral to a full-on fucking. He eases his hot little butt down on that delicious dong and gets riding, moaning with pleasure while he strokes his dick and bounces on his new pals prick. Vitali takes control for a few moments when he gets the chance to fuck the boy from behind, but his dominance is soon stolen once again when Taylor demands another ride, facing the boy and kissing him while his little butt cheeks bounce in his lap. With a little break to switch positions and pick up the pace Vitali gets another chance to suck on that big uncut cock, but with their cum loads rising and almost ready to blast out he cant help but slide back into that butt for some final thrusting, finishing with both boys erupting splashing cream all over the boys tight little abs! I guess Vitali wont be hanging out with his other asshole friend much now hes got blond boy Taylor to share some good times with!

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Duration: 42:35
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