Strong Suit, Ep.6: Who’s The Boss (720p,1080p)


Cast: Dani Robles, Sir Peter, Zac Johnson, Babylon Prince
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Real estate agents Dani Robles, Babylon Prince and Zac Johnson have all been called in by boss Sir Peter to make a hugely important staffing decision for Pinstripe Realty Worldwide. But their deliberations don’t last long and soon the real estate agents are taking advantage of the remaining time to get down on their knees and go 3-on-1 with Sir Peter’s big cock. The trio takes turns sucking their boss before drilling each other’s holes and lining up to be served. Bearded bastard Dani is the first to get a haircut and get naked before all the men involved in this four hour foursome start sucking and fucking each other to completion. Then, after Babylon ends and gets a huge face from Dani, Sir Peter reminds the two exhausted boys that the work day isn’t even over and they should get back to their duties while him, just a few meters away from them. computer, finished pounding Zac’s ass.

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