Studio: Street Boys
Cast: Martin Bold, Daniel Copperfield, George Michaelo, Petr Hasek, Tommy Blond, Peer Paulus, Felix Wallace, Martin Love, Lukas Jarda, Karol Sladan, Thomas Jefferson
Genres: Nipple-Play, Sperm-Eating, Solo, Duo, Trio, Dildo, Sucking, Blowing, Rimming, Bareback-Sex, Hard Fucking
Video language: English

Scene 1:
„Sorry? This should pass through my hole?“ so Daniel Copperfield stares at his boyfriend Thomas Jefferson enquiring. „Let’s just try out“ he replies. „But I want to suck your hot cock before“. And Thomas is still sucking Daniel’s cock. He sucks the tool intensely until it gets hard and he plays with his arsehole. Daniel enjoys that and then he takes hold of these stick balls. Thomas needn’t be told twice and still he moves over his friend in a proper position and plunges one ball after the other into Daniel’s sphincter. This cries out with pleasure. After this dildo play he also wants to feel Thomas’s hot cock. He takes off his trousers and places himself willingly with his bottom before Thomas. What a gorgeous arse, he thinks and puts his lusty cock into his boyfriend. He fucks him hard bareback until Daniel cannot control his sperm any longer. Thomas sits down below him and lets him squirt out the whole juice over his face. He licks off the sperm and sucks Daniel’s cock once more properly. But now also Thomas wants to unload his juice and so Daniel sits down next to him and looks at him with pleasure when his sperm drops. He licks it off and gives Thomas one more beautiful sperm kiss.

Scene 2
What can you do when you feel bored? that’s what also Peer Paulus and Karol Sladan are asking. Immediately, they find an answer, „a hot fuck“. And so it doesn’t take long for Karol to take Peer’s cock into his mouth and to blow it hard. He licks the cock intensely, but now even Peer wants to taste Karol’s penis, and so he grabs his crotch and takes out the cock. While Peer handle Karol’s member and hole he licks his own armpits. The blond Peer turns the black-haired Karol and licks his sphincter very deeply. But Karol doesn’t only want to get licked, no, he also wants to get fucked. And so Peer pushes his erect penis deep and bareback into his arsehole. He fucks hard until his juice squirts out of Karol’s hole. He pulls out his pleasure stick and the juice runs out of the hole. After such a horny hot fuck Karol wants to come, too. He jerks off and squirts his sperm into Peer’s mouth. Both kiss sensually and spread the juice all over their tongues.

Scene 3
Lukas Jarda is a sex-addicted guy. He always thinks about sex. And so he takes the clothes off his body without hesitating and he plays with his hole and with his cock. He puts his fingers into his sphincter, but that’s not enough for him. And so he takes the stick balls and pushes one ball after the other into his hole. He gets hornier and hornier after each ball. But he wants to feel more and so he inserts also a dildo afterwards. He plays around with both toys in his arsehole and cries out with pleasure. Then he sees another dildo and so he thinks, wow! that’s hot, it passes through, too… In the end his sphincter contains also the second dildo in addition to the stick balls. He fucks himself with the toys until he cannot refrain his sperm. He takes the toys out of his hole slowly and jerks off until his sperm squirts like a gun.

Scene 4:
Petr Hasek and Thommy Blond are a really nice couple, the first one blond and the other one black-haired. And they have only one thing in mind: „sex“, hard hot bareback sex.And so it doesn’t take Thommy long to open Petr’s trousers and to suck his cock. He blows very deeply and hard. In the meantime Petr plays with Thommy’s hole and fingers it. When Thommy has sucked Petr’s cock hard he turns over to Thommy and licks his hole. He puts his tongue into Thommy’s hole. But Thommy doesn’t want only tongue, no, he wants cock, too. And so Petr, only told once, pushes his cock into Thommy’s sphincter. He fucks him hard and with lust. The fuck makes him so horny that he squirts his whole load of sperm before Thommy’s hole. Petr is still so hot, he only wants to taste Thommy’s juice. And so he lays down over him while the blond guy jerks off. Then sperm comes out of his cock. Petr sucks the member and empties it. That was a hot session…both think and lay down relaxed and satisfied.

Scene 5:
„Come on! Let’s have some hot sex“ were the words which Felix Wallace said to his boyfriend George Michaelo. And sure George is so nasty that he accepts immediately. While he plugs the thick dildo into his hole without hesitation George lets his cock get sucked hard by him. Felix sucks the horny cock deeply and hard. Then George turns his boyfriend in a proper position without waiting and fucks him hard and bareback. After a hard fuck George unloads his sperm in Felix’s mouth. This hot taste of sperm makes Felix so hot that he also squirts his sperm like an arch.

Scene 6:
In the toilet you can have your peace. That’s what also Martin Love thinks. He takes off his clothes slowly, pees relaxed and washes his face and his cock. Then he sits down – just naked as he is – on the sofa. He plays with his hole and jerks off until his cock gets hard. He is reallly horny and his glans is supersensitive. He jerks off a bit harder and a whole load of sperm still comes out of his cock. But Martin is still horny and so he keeps masturbating his lusty cock. He jerks off harder and harder until the white juice comes out of his cock again. That was something relaxing, he thinks, and lays back down with pleasure.

Scene 7:
Sex in the morning is really horny… also Martin Bold thinks like that. While his boyfriend George Michaelo is still sleeping Martin plays around with his cock. George is lying naked next to him. That makes him so hot that Martin fingers him carefully and he licks his hole. Actually, George would still like to sleep, but bit by bit his lust raises. And so he gets nearer to his boyfriend and lets his cock get sucked. Now George is completely awake and he moves Martin over and licks his sphincter. He plays with his fingers around his hole. But George doesn’t want to lick only, he also wants to fuck. Immediately he pushes his hard cock into Martin’s hole and fucks him bareback. He cracks Martin harder and harder from behind until his sperm almost comes out already. He takes his cock out of Martin’s sphincter and bends forward over his mouth. He jerks off until his sperm squirts. George spreads the sperm in Martin’s mouth. Now it’s his turn to unload his morning juice. And so George bends forward over Martin’s cock and waits for the sperm. He jerks off and squirts his whole load into George’s mouth. Yes, morning sex is really hot, both think in the end..

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