Smashin’ Suspense – Beno ,Suspense

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Release Year: 2009
Genres: Ass-Eating ,Big Dick ,Black-Only ,Condom ,Facials ,Gay/Bisexual ,Rough Sex ,Straight Boy
Video language: English

Smash (v. Tr.): 1. To drive or strike suddenly, noisily, and violently, especially with a shattering or battering effect. 2. To hit heavily and repeatedly with violent blows. 3. To break or crush completely; to inflict damage upon; wreck.This was originally supposed to be a threesome with suspense and beno taking turns breaking in a new model, but the new guy stood us up at the last minute. Since both beno and suspense had already gone out of their way to make themselves available for the shoot, i asked suspense if he’d be willing to save the scene by giving up his ass one more time! I wasn’t sure if he could handle the kind of aggressive fucking i knew beno would give him, but i was eager to watch him try!If suspense’s action scenes up until now have been "lessons" in his gay sex "education," then this encounter with beno is his final exam! Suspense has already proven that he can take dick. But is that fresh and still-very-tight ass of his ready to get beaten up by a top as rough and demanding as beno?!?The scene begins with me interviewing beno and suspense approximately thirty minutes after beno and suspense met for the very first time. (unfortunately, both boys showed up at my apartment earlier than expected, and i wasn’t able to capture their first meeting on camera).Suspense gives us an update on the situation with his current girlfriend, beno shares a funny story about a female virgin-turned-stalker he recently "deflowered," and both boys explain that their scenes for bba are the only times they fuck around with guys – a little "excitement on the side," as beno puts it.Beno admits to having already seen some of suspense’s other scenes on the website, but says that suspense looks a lot better in person! In fact, he seems more than eager to sample that fresh schoolboy ass for himself! Suspense, on the other hand, appears nervous and apprehensive about giving up his ass yet again.

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