Slave Boy – Cole Blue & Myles Landon

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

I couldn’t be happier with my slave boy, Cole. Not only is he absolutely stunning and beautiful, but he’s obedient. He does what I say, exactly as I say it, even anticipating my needs before I speak. He’s got a beautiful body, an enormous cock, and a tight hole that fits my manhood like a glove. But the thing that makes him perfect is the way he looks at me.
I get attention all the time. People are always looking to either get something from me or to be my next sexual conquest. But oftentimes, the desperation in their eyes turns me off too much. They need me because I am greater than them. Superior. Richer. Stronger. Bigger. But in the end, I satisfy a fleeting desire.
But for my slave boy, Cole, I am literally everything to him. I’m his Master, his protector, his owner and steward. His pleasure comes from me. His pain comes from me. Everything – including the air he breathes – is a gift from me. And when he looks at me, he worships me like a god. It’s unparalleled. And it’s the only thing that gets my dick as hard as a rock.
Taking him out of his cage, he greets me with a smile that is full of passion and longing. He’s missed me. He always wants to be with me. And it pains him when I crate him away. But it’s good for him. For one thing, it makes his mouth wetter for my cock to leave him wanting. And, for another, it reminds him of who I am and what he is. He’s my possession. Not my equal.
Even when I kiss him, the worship from him is palpable. He takes off my clothes with reverence, wanting to please me, but also aware of my power and wrath. I wouldn’t harm him. He’s too valuable to me. But I do want him to think of me as divine.

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