Size Comparison – Tom – Chapter 6


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It was another relaxed and lackadaisical sunny afternoon. Petite little Tom was on the couch, cuddling with his far larger doctor, Dr. Wolf. They had been waking in each other’s arms for months now, their relationship developing far beyond that of normal doctor-patient relations. Despite their remarkable size difference, they fit together beautifully.They had found sex with each other almost reflexive, like two animals in heat. If one glanced at the other in their loose-fitting pants, and saw how the drape of fabric began to tent, they both knew, no matter what time of day it was, that the fabric would be gone, discarded. There was no stopping it, no controlling it, the same way you cannot control your heart, or the weather.Legrand emitted a …Legrand emitted a low, gentle rumble as he ran his colossal hands and fingers all over Tom’s doll-sized chest and abs. The pocket twink purred with pure contentment. You see, no one made little Tom feel more safe and adored than his towering, yet temperate, gentle-giant lover.The way that the hulking doctor would envelop Tom and gaze at his wondrously miniature, perfect physique always made him feel like the only boy in the whole world. Although Legrand was as tall as a , Tom honestly never thought that his lover could ever, ever get too big or tall for his liking.As shared passions reached new heights this particular afternoon, Legrand decided that today would be a great day to find out just how much of his impossibly huge cock young Tom could take—and boy, was Tom eager to find out, as well!They tossed and turned through pretzel-like combinations of groping and sex. If one didn’t know any better, one might think that these lovers had studied the Kama Sutra for years together.Tiny Tom was in a blissful state of ecstasy all afternoon long, a state of which was molded by Legrand’s sweet, sensuous groping and feral mounting. In the moments when Legrand’s exceptionally enormous cock was inside of Tom’s itty-bitty bottom, it felt to the young twink that the good doctor was filling his entire being. Every part of Tom ached for more.It also didn’t hurt that the twink was completely obsessed with Legrand’s anaconda-sized cock. And each time that Tom cried out and moaned uncontrollably the massive colossus would bellow in blissful, yet animal lust in response.Inevitably, however, their bodies could withstand only so much pleasure. The twink maneuvered his way into the doggy position, as if guided by instinct. This was Legrand’s absolute favorite way to launch his load into Tom’s teeny little buttocks—he had never told his boy this, but they both knew it on a level far deeper than words.Legrand was beside himself with crazed desire and lust for the boy, and young Tom couldn’t help but shiver and sing with anticipation as Legrand slammed home one final time inside his small patient. He delivered the load Tom desperately craved loudly, brutally.Legrand convulsed and shook from head to toe as his seed shot out. Tom nearly lost consciousness from the force of this doctor’s injection, feeling pushed into a full-blown ecstatic state that intensified with every thrust and blast of Legrand’s massive load.As the giant man and his small lover collapsed into each other’s arms, there was no doubt in either of their minds that, despite their vast size difference, the lovers actually fit together in the most perfect way possible.

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