Shave And A Haircut – Two Dicks – Brian Bonds And Masyn Thorne


Studio: Trailer Trash Boys

Welcome to Masyns Mancures, Hair Stuff and Bait Shoppe. He spells it shoppe like that so he can attract a more refined clientele. His distant cousin Brian on his dads side says he needs a bit of a hair trim and a special manscape done like them bikini waxing jobs, but Masyn decides its time for some distant-family bonding and thats when the pants fall off and theyre sucking dicks like we do here. Masyn slides his big ol cock up Brians hole and says that tight and Brian looks at him and says it IS? cuz Drew done already fucked him that day and he figured hed be wider than Cucker Canyon. Them boys blow their loads in each others mouths and then make out and then cum just goes everywhere. Thats how we roll at Lot 45.

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