Session 59: Master Mike & Master Nick


Sporty Master Nick returns to the Top’s lockeroom after a long, hot sweaty game of cricket, just as Master Mike manhandles a new fuck toy into the room, carrying a sub with ease like a trophy and muffling any cries with his hand gagging it’s mouth. This sub is going to get ruined today.

Securing the naked bottom’s wrists to his thighs with tight binds of coarse rope, Nick finds a new use for his pungent sweaty cricket box… Relieving Mike’s hand as a gag over sub jason’s mouth.

The sub, mesmerised from the smell of Master Nick’s crotch perspiration ingrained on the protective shield, he is hand slapped hard across the face and ordered to feast on the stinky plastic with his tongue, lapping at the dank surface to clean it. Mike tightly grips the sub’s throat as jason goes to work as ordered – Nick wants to see the box gleaming before he is finished.

Nick drops his cricket whites to reveal a wet sweaty jockstrap underneath. Squatting over the sub’s face he replaces the cricket box with his arse cheeks, ordering the bottom to use his tongue to clean every inch of the white straps on his jock. Starting from the join of the straps just over Nick’s deliciously hairy arse hole, sub jason struggles to reach the waistband from his prone position, licking Nick’s bumhole instead.

Master Mike demands the bottom really work for his rewards today. Tying off jason’s penis and testicles with more coarse rope, Mike places a heavy weight on the end of the binding and suspends it from the ceiling. The restraint tugs on the sub’s cock and balls, pulling them away from the rest of his body and placing them in permanent painful torment.

Shouting at the sub to stick his tongue out, Nick lifts and drops his arse several times onto jason’s mouth, ramming the sub’s "dirty little tongue" into his anus. Mike wants his hole fucked by jason’s slobbering tongue so the Top’s swap positions, Mike hand slapping and verbally abusing the sub to get his orders across.

The rope restraints wrapped around jason’s sore, reddening genitals get Nick’s attention. Trussed up like a chicken ready for roasting, this cruel, inventive Top has another idea on how to compound the sub’s suffering. Fetching a batch of brand new clothes pegs, Nick begins clamping their vicious jaws one by one onto the sensitive skin of the writhing bottom’s ball sack.

Loaded with pegs jason’s bollocks look like a porcupine. With only a few pegs left, Master Mike knows exactly where he wants Nick to clamp them for maximum, painful effect. The bell-end of the sub’s cock. Pain and pleasure all blurred into one.

Taking off his sweaty jockstrap, Nick uses it as a face mask on the sub, tightly stretching the moist material like a second skin across jason’s nose and mouth. Everything the sub smells and tastes from now on will be tinged with the pungent flavours of Nick’s arse and cock. What a reward for such an undeserving bastard. Master Mike is quick to think of a way for the sub to repay Nick’s kindness. Pinching and slapping jason’s nipples, Mike makes them stand proud, ready for him to lock on two more excruciatingly painful pegs.

The sub gasps for air through the seasoned material of Nick’s jockstrap. The pegs, pinged by the Tops, fire shots of pain through his body.

Mike gobs into the sub’s arse hole, fingering it in readiness for the next vicious assault. Grabbing his cricket bat, Nick does the honours, plunging the thick wooden handle deep into jason’s slutty arse. The rubber grip on the handle adds some resistance but Nick soon builds a rhythm, twisting the bat handle as he fucks the moaning sub with it.

Jason, ordered to eat Mike’s arse out while he gets fucked with the bat, has almost ground to a halt. Maybe his mouth is dry? His Masters can cure that. Demanding the sub open’s his mouth and sticks his tongue out, Mike is first to gob, spit and drool some oral relief, making jason swallow his Master’s phlegm before delivering another load. Like a tag team the Tops swap positions, Mike now plunging the bat into jason’s arse while Nick drools more sputum into the sub’s wide open mouth.

To make sure the sub’s thirst is quenched Nick unloads a bellyful of Master’s piss straight from the tap, filling jason’s throat and mouth with his warm yellow nectar. From his prone position the ungrateful sub cannot swallow the volume of piss being delivered, damaging as he tries to ingest what he’s being given, much to the amusement of his two Masters.

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