Session 57: Master Mike & Master Lee


Master Mike is going to have some fun at the expense of slutty runt jason today.

To raise the tension and to make sure the bottom has no idea what is happening, Mike blinds jason with gaffer tape over his eye sockets. When Mike is satisfied the runt can see nothing, he starts.

Only jason’s hearing is going to save him from a good thrashing today as Mike orders him to strip and fold his clothes. Not the easiest of tasks when you cannot see where your clothes are, not that Mike is interested in excuses as he shoves the bottom around and verbally assaulting the runt.

Next Mike orders jason to worship his trainers, detailing every inch of the shoe with his mouth including the soles. Tongue bathing his Master’s shoes jason may have begun to think what an easy task this was for a sub. How wrong could he be. Mike moves around the room, shouting at the blinded runt to keep pace, delivering stinging hand spanks every time jason falls behind, which he does, often.

The throaty growl of a motorbike can be heard entering the Top’s lair. The bike being rev’ed frightens the visually impaired bottom. Master Lee, clad in leathers, removes his helmet and wastes no time joining Mike in abusing the sub.

Jason’s first task is to tongue bath Master Lee’s seat on the motorbike. The leather where his mouth and tongue are cleaning is still warm from having his Master’s arse recently seated there and jason is doing an enthusiastic job. Next are Lee’s dirty biker boots. The chrome toecaps need a good polish so runt’s slobbering mouth is put to good use, although Master Mike is less than happy with jason’s efforts, reaching for his leather paddle he lends some additional encouragement to the sub’s arse and flanks, reddening jason’s skin as he and Lee rain swipes of the correctional device on runt, kicking and pushing the sub as he chases after their feet to worship.

Master Mike unbuttons his jeans and drops them round his ankles. Lee then rams jason’s face hard between Mike’s arse cheeks, using the bottom’s slobbering tongue and mouth to clean his Master’s crap chute. The Tops swap positions, Lee leaning over his bike and Mike thrusting runt’s face between another pair of firm rounded bum cheeks while ordering the sub to give Lee’s anus a good tongue fucking.

Lee kicks the sub away, both Tops now demanding to have their dicks serviced by jason’s mouth so their cocks get harder. Taking turns both Master’s push their thickening cocks deep into runt’s throat, cutting off his air supply and damaging the fucker. Spluttering and gasping for air runt releases the cock he is servicing, receiving a thrashing with the paddle from his Masters – no one gave him permission to gag.

This little bitch boy is going to be taught a lesson. Lee face fuck’s runt while Mike pushes his crotch hard into the back of jason’s head, keeping it from moving out of the way of Lee’s thrusts. Unable to do anything other than swallow his Master’s massive member, jason gags and almost vomits, strings of mucus and spit drip from his mouth.

Laughing at their cruel deed, the Tops decide it must be time for refreshments. Lee picks up a pint glass and fills it with Master’s piss straight from the tap. Handing the glass of warm liquid gold to runt, Mike informs the bottom that he must swallow his treat without spilling a drop of the precious brew, a lash of the paddle awaits him if he does.

He belly now full of piss, jason holds up the empty glass for inspection. Mike instructs the sub that if he is finished, he should turn the glass upside down, which the bottom obeys. However, a few drops of nectar remained in the glass and are spilt on the floor, drawing the wrath of the Tops who kick and thrash the useless bottom.

To finish his session today jason is ordered to service the Top’s once again with his mouth, cleaning any remaining dribbles of piss from his Master’s cocks. What a perfect opportunity for Lee to humiliate runt again, gobbing onto the sub’s back as he works away servicing his Master’s penis.

The Tops turn to each other and laugh.

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