Scott’s First Spanking

Scott is a 19-year-old straight boy from the Midwest who needed to make money for his pregnant girlfriend (fiancee, actually) and him to go home. Negotiations to do a shoot fell through at first because Scott wanted to bring his girlfriend to the shoot and Tom refused. Actually, he didn’t want to bring her as much as she insisted on coming along. She actually got on the phone with Tom to argue her case, but Tom flatly refused. A couple of weeks passed and Scott called to schedule a shoot without his girlfriend.
Scott had gotten himself into a lot of trouble back home. He really hadn’t done anything that was all that wrong, but technically it was a major problem. Suffice it to say that minors shouldn’t be sexting, and, if they do, they damn well better get rid of any content they shot before reaching the age of majority. That’s actually easier said than done considering how many places digital content can exist.
Scott was quite nervous going into this shoot. He had never had any contact with a man before coming in, and he wasn’t at all thrilled with the prospect of being spanked. And, like so many others, he hadn’t asked for any details regarding the shoot.

Scott goes over Tom’s knee in a very boyish manner and is holding on for dear life through much of his spanking. He repeatedly reaches back with his right hand to shield his butt (to no avail). He ends up taking a long spanking by hand and with a leather slapper. By the end of this video, Scott is kicking, squirming and shuffling. The spanking ends up being much harder than he had expected.

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