Sam Barclay Stuffd by Jack Taylor 1080p

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Cast: Sam Barclay, Jack Taylor
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Condom

Jack is back! Mr Taylor leans back confidently on an electric blue fuck-box in some smoking hot gear. In a snapback, black & white jock and harness combo, he’s looking hot as fuck, pumped and ready for to take someone on. Out of the shadows walks Sam Barclay, the light hitting his stacked and tanned torso. In a black and yellow neoprene jock/harness, hugging his huge chest he puts both fists on the box and is absolutely keen to get it on! There’s an instant, palpable chemistry between the boys, Sam crawls across the box towards jack and the meet together. Right away the kissing gets sloppy, a literal taste of things to come. Spit fuelled snogging makes big cocks hard, Sam is the first to pry his out of his jock and Jack doesn’t hesitate. Taking him deep down his throat like a champ, he gags and splutters which only adds to the hot soundtrack of Sam’s pleasured groans. Laying back, Jack lets Sam get to work on his dick, spitting and gripping he worships his thick tool… but he’s going to want more than this to fill his fuck hole. Grabbing a very sizeable dildo, Jack smacks it in his hand as if to intimidate Mr Barclay. As if! Jack takes a hard grip of this one and places the toy in the middle of the fuck bench, he wants him to squat on it. Boxing boots astride and firmly in place, how low can he go? You know the answer to that already! Covered in proper fisting lube, it’s primed and Sam can’t wait to impress his partner! Up and down he goes, working more inches in with every bounce jack slaps his arse in approval. If you think this is hole stretching, just hold onto your dicks! Toy number two was affectionately nicknamed ‘The jousting pole’ in the UKHotJocks studio (thanks again Crackstuffers!), we couldn’t believe it when Sam said that was what he wanted to take. This is seriously not for the feint of heart! 3 x mini-cones joined up together, 2 feet long with a handle for heavy duty thrusting. Sam Barclay is living up to – and attaining his reputation as one of the toughest powerbottoms in gay porn. One bump, two bumps, in and out, this is porn gold! Stringy lube catches the blue light between hole and toy, his gaping arsehole stays open with full pullout’s and hard re-entries. Taking turns between the plastic action, Jack sticks his cock in Sam’s very sloppy hole and pummels him for a minute, then back to the Jouster! Climbing onto the box, toy still in Sam, Jack wanks-off onto Sam’s face, him to cum mere seconds after! Clean up time, combining Sam’s and his own jizz in his mouth there’s just time for one, more, sloppy, kiss.

Format: mp4
Duration: 33:37
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7796kbps
Audio: 122kbps

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