Ryan Rose and Kayden Fleming


Studio: FalconStudios

The groans of Ryan Rose and Kayden Fleming reverberate through the house. A blow job is under way. Kayden is flat on his back getting his cock, balls and foreskin worked over. If Ryans head and neck swiveled any faster, hed give himself whiplash. A bead of precum emerges from Kaydens cock and Ryan slurps it up like a bee gathering nectar. Kayden is brawny and pale, with a wash of dark hairs from his Adams apple to his pubes. Ryan is smooth and tan, without an ounce of body fat. Ryan bends over the bed, his buns flaring in anticipation of being drilled by Kaydens advancing cock. Muscles ripple as they slam their pelvises together. Ryan flips onto his back and spreads his long legs, his body shuddering with Kaydens pneumatic thrusts. Kayden pulls his cock out of Ryans blistering hole, cum spraying in all directions, and Ryan climaxes at the same time, shooting long-distance arcs of jism past his shoulder.

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