Ryan and Tyler

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Cast: Ryan ,Tyler Evans
Genres: Latino ,Bareback ,Gay
Video language: English

Spring break always means for a good time here on broke straight boys. We took a little trip to Phoenix, AZ where we meet up with Tyler in his home town for a shoot. He had recruited a friend, Ryan to do a shoot with. Tyler has become what we call, gay for pay since he is straight. His friend Ryan told me he was straight over and over. Ryan had never done anything with a guy before, but he was willing to do the shoot to make some money. I had him stand up, so that I could see what he looked like. Taking off his shirt, I could see that he was really skinny. Once his pants were off he had small legs as well, so I let him know that he would be considered a twink. He laughed at the comment and took a seat back on the couch next to Tyler. I had Tyler stand and he stripped off his clothes as well. The two of them sat next to each other playing with their selves inside their underwear trying to get hard. I told them that I would put on a porn, so that things could move a little easier in the shoot. Ryan told me that when he gets hard his dick is around six inches long. They didnt seem like they were breaking from the shyness, I told them to take off their underwear. When they did both guys were hard and ready to keep things going. Considering that Ryan had never got a blow job from a guy before, I talked Ryan into letting Tyler give him head for some more money. Tyler jumped right on it, and put his friend’s dick in his mouth. I asked Ryan what he thought, and he said that it felt like a blow job. Tyler was really good about getting most of the cock in his mouth giving Ryan a better blow job. In asking if we could switching things up, I told Ryan it was his turn to give the head. He gave me a puzzled look, but I told him to just lean over and take it slow. Not really giving him much time to think about it, he did. Taking the limp cock in his hand he placed the tip in his mouth for the first time. Tyler started to moan from just the little bit that he received, and his cock started to get harder. A rock hard cock was much easier to suck, and he did good at taking as much as he could in his mouth. The two of them went back to jerking off after a while, and grabbed some lube to speed things up. Ryan asked where he could bust his load, and I handed him a glass. He asked what I was going to do with his load, and in joking with him I told him that I was going to freeze it for DNA samples. Ryan hadnt got off for 5 days, so I knew he was going to have a big load. Stroking their cocks it seemed like Tyler and Ryan were in a race to bust in the cup. They placed the cup in between them for easier access to who ever was going to blow first. It was taking forever for someone to get close to shooting their load, but Tyler came through first. He quickly grabbed the glass, jumped to his feet, and came in the glass. Afterward, I got a shot into the glass to show just how much he had went. Since I knew that Ryan could still have a while of jerking I had Tyler take a seat again. It really did take a Ryan like 15 more minutes of jerking, but he sat up and really jerked his cock fast. Tyler grabbed the glass and handed it to him. Ryan came in the glass raising the level to a huge size. Holding the glass in his hand, Ryan joked around that he usually shoots that much. I told him to all the cum, and he laughed about it. Then, I said I would pay him some more money, but I could tell that he wasnt going to swallow it. Putting the glass to his lips, he took all the cum in his mouth and it didnt stay there for long. He spit it back into the cup. He still had some cum hanging from his lip and he wiped that off with his hand. Ryan was completely grossed out, but I reminded him about the money that he made. I thanked them for doing the shoot, and told them to head to the shower to clean up.

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