Ronnie Forest and Liam Addison


Their skinny, hairless young bodies touch as they make out on the bed in their underwear. Like a teenage experiment, Ronnie and Liam hesitantly explore each other’s lips. Liam begins to narrate his actions as he eases Ronnie with his touch, removing his underwear and sucking his flaccid cock. The two take it slow, getting back to the basics of pubescent awkwardness mixed with teenage sexual energy. Ronnie closes his eyes, allowing the sensation of saliva and lips and tongue on his cock course through his body.
Spreading his legs wider, Liam sucks his friend’s cock patiently, using his fingers to play with his chest and legs. Ronnie’s manhood hardens a little bit with each bob of Liam’s head, until he is left with an aroused penis. "Try sucking dick," Liam requests, flopping playfully onto the bed – his thickly erect dick entering Ronnie’s mouth before he can finish the thought. "Not bad for your first time," he breathes heavily in response to the amateur’s seemingly natural talent. Pulsing the tip of his cock, Ronnie’s young mouth grips him tightly.
"Now it’s time to show you what rimming is," prompts Liam, instructing Ronnie to position himself on his hands and knees. Spreading his asscheeks wide, Liam shoves his tongue into Ronnie’s young ass. The barely-legal 18-year-old whimpers as he allows the complete enjoyment of this new experience encompass his body. Ushering Ronnie into a new phase of his sexual experience, Liam attempts to insert a finger into Ronnie’s hole. It’s so tight, however, that he can only encourage the tip to enter before needing to involve additional lube.
Shocked at how tight Ronnie is, Liam is thankful for the surplus of personal lubricant that allows him to gently insert his entire finger into Ronnie’s tight, tight ass. With enough soft, small pulses of the hand, Liam believes Ronnie is ready for the real deal – his hard, thick cock. With hesitation, Ronnie awaits in his vulnerable position as Liam positions the tip of his cock at Ronnie’s opening. Taking a deep breath, they both release the air from their lungs as Liam pushes his tip into Ronnie’s hole.
Little by little, Liam gently inserts himself fully into the fresh meat. Liam gives Ronnie a momentary break before gently pumping his cock – Ronnie’s ultra tight ass gripping the length of his thickness, Liam can barely keep himself from blowing his load too soon. Flipping him over, Ronnie gets fucked again by his first-ever cock, until they are both ready to blow. Simultaneously, Ronnie and Liam rub their cocks vigorously, closing their eyes and imagining whatever necessary to tip them over the edge. Liam’s hot cums shoots out first, onto Ronnie as he continues to masturbate. His turn to orgasm on camera for the first time, Ronnie brings himself to the edge and squirts an everlasting stream of cream – getting back to the basics of what every teen needs: a euphoric release of tension.

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