Ripe and Ready – MILO – Chapter 6


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Mr. Cain Marko, a tall and handsome handyman, had a slight dilemma. He had a cute little coworker—Milo Miles—who was wildly attracted to him.That doesn’t sound much like a problem, but Mr. Marko’s dilemma lay in the fact that every time he and Milo were assigned to the same job site, the shameless twink couldn’t keep his eyes or hands to himself. Milo was addicted to Mr. Marko’s huge muscles, and especially those boulder-sized biceps!Mr. Marko was …Mr. Marko was equipped with zero defenses when it came to little Milo’s big, brown eyes and adoring smile. That smile… every time it found him, the two of them would hunt for a place at the jobsite where they could be alone and be all over each other.As a result, several clients had phoned the company complaining that the work assigned was taking longer than the contract specified. This fling, Mr. Marko knew, had to come to a screeching halt. So, Milo had been receiving assignments that kept him at a different jobsite than Mr. Marko—unfortunately, he thought.However, that didn’t seem to slow Milo down. He would consistently find Mr. Marko at whatever job site that he happened to be at and surprise the diligently working giant. This day was no different.As Mr. Marko huffed, puffed and heaved new furniture into a client’s new house, he heard a tapping at the nearest window. Of course, it was Milo—beaming. Mr. Marko chuckled to himself as he set down the last piece of furniture in its place.Milo knew whenever Mr. Marko was at a jobsite that would require all day heavy lifting, that it’d get this towering hunk all hot and sweaty in his sexy coveralls.And for his part, Mr. Marko absolutely loved the fact that this turned the boy on so. When he let Milo through the entrance, the feisty boy was already licking his lips, his tight-fitting jeans tenting in the crotch.Milo peered up at Mr. Marko. Naturally, he couldn’t help but coyly remark on the sweltering heat and generous amount of perspiration coming from the smoking hot daddy.Next thing Mr. Marko knew, Milo pushed himself up onto his very tippy toes and kissed the smiling giant. The handsome handyman sighed and sucked Milo’s tongue all the way into his mouth. As the two lovers swapped saliva, Mr. Marko cupped Milo’s beautiful bubble butt and squeezed both cheeks.Milo’s cute fun-size cries of delight made the massive lump in Mr. Marko’s coveralls twitch and start to stir. The towering DILF easily lifted the lad up so that they could grind themselves into one another, causing both of their cocks to harden full-mast.Milo wrapped his arms and legs around Mr. Marko’s bulky shoulders and broad back. After a few magical moments of this tender embrace, Mr. Marko gently set Milo down on one of the client’s soft sofas. Then, the DILF began to unbutton his sweat-soaked shirt.He pulled Milo up off the sofa and pressed the sweet face and mouth up against his furry chest. Milo kissed and licked the hunk’s perky nipples, inhaled the still-sweaty aroma, and nearly from the heavenly scent of Mr. Marko’s armpit fur.Then, Milo’s ultimate wet dream finally came true: Mr. Marko flexed his bulging biceps. The drooling cutie fondled his superior’s huge meaty pecs, then nuzzled his face against Mr. Marko’s mighty musculature. The king-sized dude’s bicep was much larger even than the twink’s head and could have easily served as the perfect pillow had the muscles not been as hard as steel.The now-groaning-and-moaning handyman had to get the boy naked and pronto. As Milo’s clothes came flying off his nimble little body, Mr. Marko finally unleashed his throbbing daddy meat from his jockeys.Wide-eyes filled with astonished wonder, Milo bravely sucked the monstrous entirety of Mr. Marko’s thick dick into his fun-size mouth . He absolutely loved and craved it. Mr. Marko couldn’t help but notice, though, that his boy was starting to struggle, even if just a little bit.For his part, Milo genuinely loved the challenge of working his small jaws around the huge head. Even when he gagged on the enormous shaft and bulbous bell end, he cherished the low rumble it seemed to cause his large lover. After some long-drawn, fantastically indulgent throat-fondling, the genial giant now had quite an appetite. The bear wanted his honeycomb.Mr. Marko lapped that tasty twink crack with a groan of sinful satisfaction. The lumbering giant rumbled to his feet with a sudden hum and lifted his cock with both hands, aiming it straight for the wide-eyed boy’s little pucker.When he drove his battering ram into the tiny twink’s tunnel, they both shouted out with pure, overwhelming sensation. Mr. Marko sucked in a sharp breath because the further his dick pushed in, the tighter the boy’s love canal squeezed. Milo’s boy boner leaked and dribbled copious amounts of precum as Mr. Marko’s cockhead prodded and massaged Milo’s sensitive sweet-spot.Near-delirious, Milo begged to be flipped over onto his back and ferociously powerfucked. Mr. Marko complied to that request in no time, and once he had the boy on his back, he rocked the lad to complete delirium.Milo could easily tell when Mr. Marko was about to pop. The combination of overwhelming need for release and his sweaty DILF’s mighty thrusts sent the boy over the edge.Thick, creamy blasts of boy juice sent sheets of semen all over Milo’s torso and abs. Mr. Marko wasn’t far behind; he felt the oncoming climax hit the limits of containment. With one final authoritative shove of his massive shaft, the herculean handyman came, launching volleys of man-batter into the boy’s tiny tunnel.Mr. Marko collapsed onto the well-fucked and filled twink. Milo couldn’t help but take another long, deep, inhale—the room was ripe with the aroma of sweat and sex. It was intoxicating, and it made the boy’s dick twitch again, despite the fact he had just orgasmed. Mr. Marko smiled as they made eye contact… they both knew that this job was going to take a while, too.

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