PeterFever Kouya & Kaito – Kouya’s Cumquest Breaking In Kaito


New kid around PeterFever East, goodlooking Kaito is all smiles when Kouya strides in and starts nibbling at his nips, kissing him and peeling down his pants. He gives out a cute little moan as his sexual motor kicks into gear. Kouya takes his long curved tool down his cockstarved throat, works it up to a roaring erection. Then he rocks back Kaito’s long legs and runs an eager tongue along his crack. With his knees back on either side of his head and a big smile on his face, Kaito is ready for anything and looks like the happiest boy in town.
Kaito sucks a hot veteran Asian pornboy cock when he takes Kouya’s thick meat into his mouth. He slurps and swallows all the way to the root. This guy is a natural cocksucker! Lean and sexy Kouya stretches back in the bed and lets the new kid work his oral magic. Kaito crouches on all fours while Kouya slides in a slick finger, then a big juicy dick. He grabs Kaito’s slim hips and drills in deep. Once Kaito’s relaxed he climbs on and rides Kouya. The experienced stud plows in to the root and has Kaito panting for breath. Perched on the edge, Kaito’s body quakes like the San Andreas fault. He’s getting so close to shooting. Kouya thrusts with short hard strokes as he starts beating Kaito off. He pulls out to spray a thick creamy splash onto his tight abs. Kaito follows with his own sticky squirt, breathes a relaxed sigh of satisfaction as he kisses his new scene buddy.

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