PeterFever Espresso Love – Tall Cup of Romance


Studio: PeterFever
Cast: Santiago Figueroa and James Dickson

Talk about good luck; I was at a small cat in downtown Los Angeles. As I sipped my drink I realized that it didn’t taste right. That’s when I noticed this hot guy leaving with the only other drink that was on the counter. Tall, dark and fucking gorgeous. I found out his name was Santiago, he did have my coffee, and he offered to show me around town since I just moved here and was still looking for a place to rent. He toured me around the city and we ended up back at his house so he could ‘show me the view’. But that’s not all he was interested in showing me. Watch the premiere of ‘Espresso Love – Tall Cup of Romance’ starring Santiago Figueroa and James Dickson.

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:07
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