Parker’s Pigsty

Parker is a 19-year-old straight boy who is equal parts cute and hot. He moved out of his parents’ home at 18 and, for the past several months, has been on his own for the first time in his life.
Parker needed a ride home from Tom after a recent shoot. As they approached Parker’s apartment, Tom asked if Parker’s roommate was home. Parker said he wasn’t, so Tom invited himself in. This surprised Parker, but he invited Tom in.
Tom had a plan. He wanted to see how Parker is living. He expected to see a mess, but what greeted him was shocking. Parker’s apartment is an absolute pigsty. Tom took several photos of the carnage that he confronts Parker with in this video.
Tom bends Parker over the back of a sofa and bares his young butt. Parker is more than a little surprised when Tom shows him photos of his messy apartment and begins to lecture and spank him for what they show. It’s hard to imagine just how unexpected and humiliating this turn of events was for Parker.
Tom proceeds to punish Parker with a spanking delivered by hand, with a paint stick, riding crop and a wooden spoon. Parker’s butt is bright red and his pride wounded by the end of the video. It was a lesson he needed.

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