Parker in the Stockade

Where to begin? Tom learned that a dominatrix was going out of business and selling her treasure trove of well-used bdsm gear and furniture. She lives some distance away, however, and Tom needed both a truck and a helper if he was to buy some of her collection. Renting a truck was no problem, but who does one bring along on a mission to retrieve bdsm gear from a dominatrix’s dungeon? Why, Parker himself, of course.
It was a long trip, but young Parker was eager to earn some extra cash. Tom had hoped to purchase quite a few items from this dominatrix, but her dungeon was pretty well cleaned-out by the time he and Parker arrived. Luckily, the custom-made Plexiglas stockade used in this video was still available.
On the trip back, it suddenly occurred to Parker that he would be the first boy to be put in the stockade. He asked Tom if that was the plan and was clearly unhappy when Tom told him it was. On the day of the shoot, Parker said that he was nervous about being put in the stockade. Tom asked why, and Parker explained that once he was in the stockade, there was clearly going to be no way out of it until Tom released him.
During previous spankings, Parker had already been bent completely over with his wrists and ankles bound to a spreader bar, strapped to the spanking bench and suspended upside down. There is, however, some wiggle room in all of those positions. The stockade is completely rigid and unforgiving. It holds a boy in place, bent over, completely vulnerable and totally humbled.
This video opens with Tom placing a nervous Parker in the stockade. Once he had him in it, Tom saw Parker’s point. There is simply no way out of the stockade other than someone else releasing you. The thought crossed Tom’s mind that if he should drop during the shoot, Parker would be trapped. The nearest neighbor is not within earshot. Parker would have to yell and scream until a passerby happened to hear him!
Tom begins by spanking Parker some by hand. He then whips down Parker’s underwear and brings out a leather slapper (also bought from the dominatrix) for use on Parker’s bare butt. Next comes a thin acrylic paddle (also purchased from the dominatrix) followed by a wider acrylic paddle.
The leather slapper hurts, but those acrylic paddles, as Parker quickly learns, deliver a mighty sting. Parker gasps, groans and yells as the spanking continues. He moves his hands (repeatedly clenching them) and whips his head about as his face contorts. He even manages to move his butt a small amount. He cannot, however, move his butt out of the path of the paddles or Tom’s hand. After a lengthy session that pushes Parker to his limits, Tom releases him and tells him to get dressed. Parker is clearly angry and resentful, but he knows better than to be disobedient.

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