Nine to Enter – Eurocreme

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Release Year: 2013
Cast: Matt Hughes, Johannes Winter, Billy Rogers, Steven Prior, Titch Jones, Rick Hunter, Ashley Ryder, Alex Stevens, Nick Daniels, Seth Roberts, Damien Esco

The title 9 Inches to Enter can be taken two ways: it’s either “9 inches to enter these assholes” or “9 inches to enter the film.” Oh, who are we kidding? That title works for both, because Eurocreme only cast guys with the biggest of dicks to top the lucky bottoms in this film.
There’s the extraordinarily well-hung Matt Hughes on the box cover, waving his eleven inches at the camera with a look on his face that dares you to plant your face on that thing or even sit on it. He’s in the first scene, because who’s got time to wait for dessert at the end of the meal?
Later on there’s Titch Jones, who must be ironically named. In British slang, “titch” means “small amount” or “little person,” but there’s definitely more than enough of this blue-eyed stud’s cock than many guys could handle. His cock is said to be ten and a half inches long!
The other human tripods featured in this exciting sausage fest include Johannes Winter, Steven Prior, and Billy Rogers.
All in all there are five scenes for your perusal, so you’re going to need all weekend and then some. This big-dicked twink fest is streaming exclusively on our theater network.

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