Nathan’s First Spanking

Nathan is a straight college student and athlete. He’s 6’4", 21 years old and 200 lean pounds, and he’s as friendly and polite as he is tall. It’s clear his parents went to the trouble to raise him right.
This video starts with some brief questions about Nathan’s history of physical discipline. His household was strict, and that shows through in his obedience during this spanking. He was disciplined for breaking stuff (TVs, video games, and even holes in walls – all accidentally). The worst spanking he ever got was for breaking a TV while playing a home baseball game. For that he got the belt, but only the leather part (more than 25 times, which left marks for hours).
Tom begins with his hand. Nathan is all smiles at first, but his smiles disappear when Tom gives it to him hard with an all-silicone paddle that lands with a dull but painful thud. Its intensity surprises Nathan, who exclaims, "That kind of hurts!" From that point on, Nathan is present in the moment. After the silicone paddle comes a ping pong paddle and a riding crop followed by a black leather slapper that first gets Nathan’s legs kicking.
If it was the silicone paddle that woke Nathan up to the reality of his situation, it’s the hairbrush gets his full attention. But it’s the perforated paddle at the end that pushes Nathan to the edge. Through much of the video, Nathan is kicking, gasping, sniffling and blinking rapidly in order to avoid tears. There’s no sign of anger, though. There’s only obedience and respect.

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