NakeSword – Bred and Breakfast – The Come Inn, Scene 1


Cast: Drew Valentino & Lucas Leon

The Come Inn, Southern California’s one-of-a-kind bareback B&B, offers visitors loads of relaxation and bountiful spreads that give new meaning to "all you can eat." Owned and operated by supersexy, long-term couple Josh Moore and Beau Butler, the cozy destination is the premier spot for guests who are hard to please – and pleased to be hard. Writer and Director Ben Rush teams up with Co-Director Pierce Paris to deliver steamy action featuring eight of the sexiest men in gay porn. Drew Valentino and Lucas Leon have just checked in for some rest and decompression, but they’re so turned on by the owners and clientele that they get down to bareback business right away. New couple Colton Reece and Isaac X arrive for their first weekend getaway, and it’s not long before they’re going at it hard and raw at the pool. But, when lost and weary hikers Alpha Wolfe and Reign show up without a reservation, Josh and Beau have a hard time turning the hulking travelers away. Josh is instantly turned on by Reign – and the feeling is mutual – so they run off to take an ultrahot shower together. Alpha pops some wood during a late-night chat with hosts Beau and Josh, and it’s not long before a bareback, three-way pile-up leaves the living room sofa coated in cum. It’s always a good time at Josh and Beau’s ‘BRED & BREAKFAST: THE COME INN’, where lucky guests are happily serviced and eager to come again.

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Duration: 24:15
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