MonsterCub Axel Brandt, Adam Hill, Hunter Scott


This video is super-sized. Almost an hour long and includes some outtakes at the end. Take a glimpse into a hot romp we decided to have in my hotel room after a fun filled weekend in Dallas, I decided to end things with a hot sweaty three way cubby fuck. I had been talking to Axel and Adam all weekend and we finally got together on Sunday night. Once I got the boys back to my room we waste no time. We are all over each other kissing. A storm of tongues and hands as we worked our way over to the bed. I strip out of my clothes first, then help the other two. From there it was a lot of dick sucking and nipple licking. I was surprised three cubs could fit in that bed so well. Before long Axel and I take turns fucking Adams lovely furry ass. However, Axle had been telling me he wanted to get fucked by me for some time. So I suited up and had him spread eagle. I opened up his hot bear hole with my fat cock. At first he had a little pain then he started to smile ang giggle becuase he really enjoyed it up his ass. Axel gets Adam up against the window on the 24th floor. I come up behind Axel to initiate a double fuck. I slammed my cock deeper into Axel’s hole as he ground his hips deeper into Adam’s ass. It all ends in a torrent of cum and three bears sweaty and out of breath.

Format: mp4
Duration: 50:53
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