Monster Bang – Guard Patrol

Studio: Raging Stallion

The Guard Patrol is on the graveyard shift at the warehouse and these horny security guards are fucking each other fast, deep and hard! Christian Wilde rejects Ryan Roses romantic advances, but he pounds the hell out of Ryans ass! Mitch Vaughn catches Brian Bonds trying to steal a backpack full of huge dildos. Mitch intends to teach Brian a lesson by probing him with the giant toys, but he finds out that Brian is a glutton for punishment. This situation calls for some backup. Some really BIG backup. Enter Rocco Steele and David Benjamin, who join Mitch in epically gangbanging all of Brians holes. After taking a flashlights handle up his ass, Brian gives head to all three guards and eats their loads. But that was just the warmup round! The guards come at Brian again with an unrelenting anal fucking onslaught, even stretching Brians hole with an intense double penetration! David, Rocco and Mitch blow their loads into Brians mouth again, and the ravenous cum pig eats it all up. The men of the Guard Patrol are the biggest, meanest, hardest enrs around, and you wont be able to look away!
Christian Wilde, Ryan Rose
Christian Wilde and Ryan Rose are security guards working the graveyard shift at a grimy warehouse. Christian decides hes bored and signals to Ryan that its time to fuck. Ryan tries making out, but gets rejected. So, Ryan goes down on Christians huge, thick cock instead. Changing positions, Ryan goes for another kiss, but Christian is not having it. This aint no romance novel — skip the foreplay and get to the nasty stuff! Throwing Ryan onto a table, Christian goes down and delivers one of the best blowjobs of all time. Never breaking eye contact, he slurps, swallows, licks, sucks, drools, and strokes until Ryan is practically delirious. Thats Christians cue to sink his fat cock deep into Ryans hole. Christian shows no mercy and as the heat builds, the sweat pours down. They fuck like animals in heat, with Ryans ass always wanting more, and Christian delivering with full . Reaching the climax of their rough and unrelenting fuck session, they blast each other with hot loads.
Mitch Vaughn, Brian Bonds
Brian Bonds is a thief who just robbed a warehouse. His haul is stashed in his backpack, and hes just about to escape when hes intercepted by security guard Mitch Vaughn. So what was this thieving scoundrel trying to steal? Mitch opens the backpack to find an arsenal of massive dildos. Well then, the punishment must fit the crime: Mitch gags Brian with a giant dildo, yanks Brians pants down and prepares to fuck Brian with the stolen merchandise. The first dildo is bigger than Mitchs forearm, and it stretches Brians hole to the max. Its so nasty and piggy, Mitch cant resist stroking his cock. Brian cant resist stroking himself either–hes a glutton for punishment. Brian uses the dildo on himself while he sucks Mitchs cock. When Brians hole is primed and ready, Mitch starts to fuck the hell out of him. With sweat covering their bodies, Mitch fires off a half-dozen high-pressure cum blasts right into Brians mouth, triggering Brians own massive cumshot.
Mitch Vaughn, Brian Bonds, David Benjamin, Rocco Steele
Brian Bonds is hunting for cock, and he has a surefire strategy: break into a warehouse staffed by horny security guards with a backpack of stolen dildos. Mitch Vaughn catches the thief, and hes already getting his cock sucked when Rocco Steele and David Benjamin arrive for backup. Everyone wants a piece of Brians ass. Rocco, with his immense cock, switches places with Mitch while David thumbs Brians hole. Adding spit for lube, David bypasses the dildos in favor of the grip of his flashlight. The aroma of cock, balls and sweat just makes Brian even more excited. When Brians ass is good and stretched, the guards present their massive cocks to be serviced. Brian opens his mouth wide and sucks as much dick as possible. He swallows all their loads, plus his own.
David Benjamin, Mitch Vaughn, Rocco Steele, Brian Bonds
Brian Bonds is in a man sandwich between Mitch Vaughn and David Benjamin. Mitch and David grab Brian by the legs and hoist him up into the air, then lower him down onto Rocco Steeles monumental cock. They lift Brian up and down, giving him a wild ride on Roccos massive man meat! Brian turns around and straddles Rocco, and Mitch climbs on top to make it a double-penetration. David watches the action up close, making sure that Brians ass is totally filled and daring the guys to fuck harder and harder. Muscles clench, veins bulge, and sweat drips. Standing up, Rocco initiates a gang bang that will go down as one of the hottest of all time; he, David and Mitch tag team Brians hole until theyre all drenched in sweat and ready to burst! Towering overhead, all three tops drenches Brian with a massive volley of cumshots, which puts Brian over the edge too!

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