Mat Wolff, Trevor Brooks and Dean Young


Before Trevor Brooks closes up his auto shop and heads out for the day, co-workers Dean Young and Mat Wolff make it clear that they could use his assistance with some hands-on services in the garage. The three horny fuckers, sweaty from a hard day’s work, strip down, suck each other off, and feel each other up in the middle of the greasy shop until Dean’s perfect body is mounted on top of Mat’s. With Dean’s smooth hole totally exposed and ready to be stretched to its limit, Mat’s adventurous fingers and Trevor’s monstrously oversized dildo begin working their way into the twink’s invitingly pink slit. Dean’s ambitious asshole then swallows up everything from a thick metal chain to a bareback cock to Mat’s fist, until his hole is completely used-up and his perfectly round ass is covered in a crop of fresh nut.

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