Masonic Boys – The Calling – Apprentice Andram Chapter 2


Release Year: 2022
Studio: Masonic Boys
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, kissing, oral, porn

Grandmaster Figata called me to his office at noon today. The nearer it got to the meeting, the more nervous I became. The Grandmaster had seemed quite stern when he said he wanted to see me and I was pretty certain I was going to be in trouble. I knew it had something to do with Master Kemp and all the stuff that had happened with him. To be honest, the whole thing really confused me. It hadn’t occurred to me that I might be attracted to men and half the time I didn’t know if Kemp was punishing me or trying to turn me on. And ever since, I’ve been worrying that I’ve somehow managed to fall into a complicated trap and that it’s only a matter of time before I’m thrown out of the Brotherhood for being a sexual deviant. By the time I’d arrived at Grandmaster Figata’s office, I’d convinced myself that my journey with the Brotherhood was over and that he was gonna ask me to return home with my tail firmly between my legs. I was shaking like a leaf by the time I sat down. His first words cut right through me. “You know why you’re here? Are you sure you’re not attracted to men?” I didn’t know what to say, not just because I didn’t know what I ought to have said, but because I didn’t know what the truthful answer was. He stood. I flinched. I assumed he was going to punish me. He grabbed my tie and pulled me to my feet. My entire body started to tense up, but instead of hitting me or belting me, he pushed his palm towards my crotch and started to rub it. Of course, I instantly started to get hard. There’s something so incredibly magnetic and masculine about Grandmaster Figata, and, up close, he smells so good! He started to undo my tie, then threw it to the ground like a piece of rubbish. Then he was undoing my shirt and I was shaking like a leaf again. I asked him if what we were doing was okay and he told me just to do what he said, so I tried to relax. Moments later, he was undoing my belt and my pants were dropping to the ground with a heavy clunk. Then he pulled up my undershirt and started running those enormous hands of his over my chest. My heart was pounding and I suddenly realized that all I wanted to do was submit to him. Then he kissed me. It took my breath away. He told me to get on his desk on all fours. I wanted to ask why but somehow it felt inappropriate to question him, despite the fact that doing it made me feel uneasy again. He walked around me, inspecting me like I was some sort of sculpture in an art gallery. Then he pulled my underpants down and shoved his tongue in my hole. No one has ever done anything like that to me before. For a moment it made me feel incredibly uncomfortable; then I was engulfed by a rush of deep, deep pleasure. He walked around to the front of me and told me to get his cock out. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I desperately wanted to see it, touch it… taste it. He told me to get on my knees before pulling his underpants down and allowing his giant dick to pop out like some sort of crazy toy with a spring in it! I don’t know what came over me, but I had it in my mouth in seconds. The moment I started to taste it, I didn’t want to stop. I sucked it, licked it, gobbled it, tongued it, chewed it. I wanted to do everything that pleasured him. He stood me up again and pushed me over the desk. I guess I knew what was coming. He went in with no warning whatsoever. The feeling was beyond intense. I thought it was gonna hurt like hell, particularly after seeing the size of his member, but it felt more like I was being gently stretched open. Like my ass had somehow been designed specifically to take his beautiful manhood and, as he started to pump with more and more speed, I could feel myself opening up for him. He got me on my back and continued to push himself in and out of me, tilting his pelvis back and forth in a deep, grinding motion. He started to grunt with every thrust and I guess I knew he was ready to shoot. I wanted it inside me. It felt important. I don’t know why. I guess I felt if he came in me, I’d know I’d done things right by him. He pulled out a millisecond before shooting. I was momentarily disappointed, but then I saw the shower of thick, creamy cum gushing out of him and, well, I can say for a fact that I’ve never felt so excited! He collapsed on top of me and started kissing me again – this time with more passion and desperation. My entire body was tingling. I’m still not entirely sure I fully understand what happened… but I now know one thing for certain. I am definitely attracted to men. Big time!

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