Levy Foxx – Police State Torture


Release Year: 2022
Genres: Gay
Video language: English

Sentenced by the state to be tortured and fucked, beautiful muscle twink Levy Foxx is strung-up, stripped naked and flogged, his pleas for mercy ignored.
Alex Johnson raises muscle twink Levy Foxx up on his toes, lashes him with a single-tail whip, mists his wounds with then leaves him to suffer alone for hours.
After hanging from his wrists for hours, young Levy is lowered to his knees and to suck cock until Alex pulls out and cums all over him then beats him with a riding crop.
Muscle twink Levy Foxx is flogged and sprayed with until he nearly passes out then is strapped to a cross, naked, and jerked off by his tormentor.
Levi’s young, athletic body was made for the cross. Slim and boyish, but also fit and strong, he does the dance of the cross for hours, in total agony.
Young Levy spends his last hours on the cross, moaning desperately, begging for relief. Alex whips the crucified boy then takes him down and him to suck cock.
Alex Johnson fucks Levy Foxx senseless, ramming the boy’s tight asshole like a jack hammer for over an hour, cumming twice but never stopping.
After a brief rest, chained to a steel gurney, Levy regains his fighting spirit, cursing his tormentor, until Alex Johnson beats him back into submission.
Muscle twink Levy Foxx is chained face-up to the steel gurney as Alex whips him with a riding crop, a particularly nasty flogger and a bullwhip.
Beautiful muscle twink Levy Foxx is wrapped tightly to a steel gurney by Alex Johnson who then whips his nipples and the soles of his feet. So cruel.

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Duration: 1:54:58
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