Levy And Shane 720P


Studio: Peterfever

What do you do when your car service ride isn’t coming for 15 minutes? Shane Jackson has a hot suggestion for Levy when he sees him forlorn and staring at the updates on his mobile phone. They step into his nice Craftsman house and waste none of their precious time getting down to business.
Levy gets on his knees and opens wide for a throatful of Shane’s hard cock. Shane pumps in fast and hard, slaps his dick around Levy’s face then Levy rolls his nuts around in his talented mouth. Shane gets Levy’s pants down and rims his tight little hole on the couch, flicking his tongue across the sensitive pucker. Even more cockstarved and turned on, Levy spreads his legs wide apart and opens his ass for the juicy licking.
A few fingers slide up Levy’s spitslicked crack and he’s primed and ready for a full-fledged fuck. Shane tenderizes his cheeks with a few hearty smacks of the hand, then stands up to pump his cock in. he grabs Levy by the lean little hips and plows in deep. “Yeah, fuck me!” is what passes for conversation between these two hot fuckers. Levy lies on his back holding his legs pinned back to present his hungry open hole for a frenzied round of drilling. Shane dives in and gives every inch of cock to his hungry bud.
Finally Levy climbs on to ride the thick rockhard cock. The couch creaks under the of two sex-driven fuck studsas they race toward the finish. Levy can’t hold back and thick strings of white sticky cream shoot down his shaft and drench his fist. Shane pulls out and spurts out a big wad of manjuice that Levy cleans up with his nimble tongue. Did he catch his ride? After a fuck like this, does he care?

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:45
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2144kbps
Audio: 124kbps

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