Levi Hatter, Mickey Knox And Colby Chambers

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Studio: Colby Knox

This video of a live ColbyKnox show has everything for the best possible weather: a pool, Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, Levi Hatter, and an approaching storm! Colby and Levi are on the steps of the pool. Mickeys sweet butternut is for the camera. He enters the pool, right behind Levi. Im not pushing the bar, Mickey explains. Im just playing around here. Youre being playful, Colby wonders. Its just a little gentle massage, Micky replies. Mickeys meat teases Levis hole. Apparently, Colby has taught her husband a technique called small circles. From the expression on Levis face, this is a method we should all learn. Mickey stops spinning a little, offering Levi a chance to show his ass to the audience. The cutie poses. Im going to show off my shafts, he says. Mickey goes back to the pool to get a taste of Colby and Levis sticks.
He swallows all of Levi, whose member is pudgy and tasty. While Mickey chews on the sticks, Colby and Levi kiss. Youre not playing fair, Levi observes as Colby nibbles on a nipple. you like it, Colby replies. Levi offers Mickey some oral love by bending over, swallowing Mickeys engorged cock. Do you two want to bend over and let me take turns going over you , Colby asks. The two stallions accept the offer. Mickeys hole is eaten, he realizes there is a problem. Hey. Thats a trick, he says. I know what youre doing. If Im bent over, I cant outrun Levi. Colby just laughs before turning his attention back to Levis boy-hole. After enjoying himself, Colby allows Levi and Mickey to have sex on their own. First they kiss each other. Next, Levi starts his back on the edge of the pool.
Mickeys interest in circles is gone. He wants to bust that ass. Mickey starts slowly. Just as he picks up the pace, the boys hear thunder. Time temporarily brings all the fun to an end. However, after a brief intermission, Colby and Mickey are inside. When the video resumes, Mickey is on the couch, face down, and Colby is filling his mans wagon. Oh, God! That girth, baby, Mickey whines. Colby knows her husband. He keeps slowly fucking him. Fuck. Thats good, Mickey groans in a downward stroke. Colbys fucking rhythm increases. That girth makes Mickey squirm. You fucking beast, Mickey screams. Levi sits down on the couch in front of Mickey.
Both of Mickeys holes are now Do you want to go back inside him, Colby asks Mickey. Im kind of enjoying this now, Mickey replies. Youre burying those sticks in me, Mickey whimpers. Levi grabs Mickey and fucks him in the face. Mickey gurgles and chokes and chokes. This choking causes his buttocks to squeeze Colbys cock, and her husband makes him pay for the inconvenience. Mickey finally gets a well earned break. Levi gets on his knees and Colby mounts the saddle behind him. Lets see how long I can last on Levi this time, says Colby. Levi arches his back and takes a good beating. The boys switch positions with Levi lying on his back. Colby gets back to fucking (with some encouragement from Mickey).
The boys need to go crazy; they sit on the couch, three in a row, and stroke their johnsons. Levi comes first. cream lands right above his pubes, This is the first time anyone has hit me, cumming first, on a webcam show, Colby notes. Mickey is next. His first spurt of cum comes shooting out, falling on top of his chest. There is another brief intermission. When we return, Levi is on his stomach and Colby is pounding hard. He comes. Seed covers the tip of his penis. I think that was one of his biggest loads, Levi says. That was a big cum shot. Did yours match Colbys?

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:31
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1034kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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