Late Night Surprise – The Ties That Bind – Pt 1


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Cain Marko had been through some very interesting—and sometimes, extremely challenging—times in his life, but they somewhat paled in comparison to what he faces today. Arriving early in the morning at Kyiv International Airport in Ukraine, Cain was naturally a bit nervous. The country, let alone the city, was war-charged and scarred. But he figured it was worth the risk—his mission was to close the lucrative financial deal he had been conducting on behalf of his business partners in New York City.After a long day of negotiations and seemingly endless documents to sign, Cain finally finished his business and decided to go back to his hotel room. The hunky DILF had a hankering for a local delicacy—or, more precisely, a hot Ukrainian dude to have some fun with for the evening.To Cain’s delight, …To Cain’s delight, some fun crossed his path. Serg, a young-looking blonde twink with a sexy buzzcut, pinged his hookup app. After some dirty, flirty DM’s, the boy made his way to Cain’s hotel room. Their night together was long, and far more worth Cain’s travel than the day’s work had been.In the morning, Serg and Cain laid in bed together with wide, contented smiles on their faces. The sex had been awfully good. The cuddling afterwards—arguably just as satisfying. The young Ukrainian lad laid back against the older American businessman’s furry chest with a beaming countenance. Cain traced his fingers up and down the twink’s smooth chest and arms.Cain invited Serg to stay longer if he liked; there were several hours left to go until the gentleman needed to check out of the hotel. Serg really wished he could have remained cozied-up to that sexy, burly chest, but he knew that he needed to get home soon or his mother would worry.Cain felt a pang of disappointment. He certainly couldn’t explain what had come over him just then, considering he and the boy literally just met. The young Ukrainian dude was foxy as hell and that accent simply knocked Cain out, but there was something else about the lad. There was something inexplicably familiar about Serg, but Cain just couldn’t put his finger on it.Serg sat up on the edge of the bed. He watched as Cain gave him a deep, interested gaze. He was sure Cain didn’t want to leave. With this in mind, Serg hopped off of the bed and instead of getting dressed, he picked up his phone and returned to Cain’s side in the bed.He wasn’t sure why, but Serg felt an impulse to share something with Cain. The boy pulled up his phone screen and showed the American a recent photo of his mother. Cain arched his eyebrow; she was quite beautiful. Serg blushed when the sweet-faced man suggested kindly that the boy got his good looks from her.And then, things got real.Serg casually commented that, in fact, his mother had told him that he looked very much like his father. However, sadly, the young boy had never met his father. Apparently, around twenty years ago, Serg’s mother had a brief but passionate affair with a charming, kind-hearted Mormon missionary. It was this specific admission that made Cain take a sharp breath.Serg swiped his phone screen and pulled up another photo. This time it was of a dashing gentleman with kind eyes and a warm smile wearing what looked like church-going attire.But that is not what invoked shock in Cain. What did was when Serg said that the man in the photo was apparently his father. Cain was certain: the man in the photo was also Cain’s brother.Cain had lost nearly all the color in his face. One could imagine that the dude didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Serg, meanwhile, sat perfectly still, as if any movement would capsize them. Their glances went from their phone screen to one another as they considered who they were to each other, and what they, the night before, had together.***From Serg’s point of view, the evening before had begun uneventfully. Bored and horny, the pretty twink pulled up his apps and found himself an incredible catch: a sturdy, chiseled hunk of a man from New York City was nearby looking for some hot hotel room fun. The lusty twink most definitely had the hots for daddies, so he messaged the sexy dude straightaway.As the young lad walked down the hallway to Cain’s suite, he quickly checked in with his mother and let her know that he was “with a friend”, but would check in later. Serg ended the call, then collected himself and knocked on the hotel room door.The man that let Serg in was even better looking in person than in his photos. The sexy daddy had a massive, muscular body and a golden smile. Serg couldn’t help but comment on how attractive he thought Cain was—when someone looks that good, you just gotta let ‘em know, he thought. Serg absolutely adored the way Cain looked at him. Cain drank the boy up with his eyes as if he were thirsty.Cain stripped the steamed-up twink’s shirt and jeans and laid him belly-down on the mattress. All that remained was the boy’s thin, tight black briefs. He lavishly rubbed his soft, fleecy beard up, down and all around the material, making Serg keen and moan as the experienced daddy gently pressed his face into the boy’s backside and inhaled deeply.It was at this moment that young Serg couldn’t believe his luck at finding such a masterful, magic man. Serg was delightfully taken aback by Cain’s wondrous sexuality expressed with such generosity and legitimate longing.But he was not the only one that longed—Cain needed a blowjob right away. Serg was more than happy to deliver—the eager twink moaned around mouthfuls and his eyelids fluttered involuntarily at the divine flavor and texture of Cain’s meat.Cain’s length and girth were almost burdensome for most, but the boy had zero problems taking it all into his wet mouth. Had the gratified dad tried to form words, they merely would’ve just spilled out as incoherent vowels.Hours went by and yet their time together felt like mere minutes. Serg couldn’t believe how electrifying Cain’s tongue felt. It never left Serg’s mouth for long as they enthusiastically made the bed springs creak. Between the pounding of his hole and the strength of Cain’s kiss, Serg knew he couldn’t possibly last much longer.Serg sang as his climax completely enveloped him. His tight, tender rectum clenched with the waves of intense pleasure that rocked his entire body. The further-tightening love tunnel was all Cain’s cock needed to proceed with a bed-shaking orgasm.As their minds and bodies calmed in the afterglow of their shared climax, Cain held the boy tightly to him as they shared a suddenly deep moment neither one of them could wrap their minds around, but were somehow very grateful for anyway.Serg just wanted to enjoy the precious moment while he could with this unexpectedly wonderful stranger. It was really too bad that Serg had to leave sooner rather than later—and probably would never see Mr. Marko again…

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