Lambert and Noah Riley

Studio: Chaosmen

Lambert said he had jerked-off and even kissed a guy before. It sounded like a one-time thing that never went beyond a hand job. Despite having a tiny bit of experience, he was still pretty nervous about getting sucked-off.
They watch porn together, and as usual, Noah is up and ready to go before his buddy. Lambert struggles to get hard on his own. Noah reaches over to stroke his cock, and it immediately starts to grow!
Noah gets him fully charged up and starts sucking on him like a pro. Lambert is totally digging having Noah service him! There is a little bit of dirty talking, but for the most part Noah sticks to the business of sucking his thick cock!
Since I knew Lambert had jerked-off a guy before, the two sat facing each other and stroked each other’s cocks. Baby steps with this guy!
He then face fucks Noah, while still stroking Noah’s cock.
Noah gets Lambert on his back and sets to the task of servicing his cock until he nuts. He sucks and jerks him until he pulls a load out of him.
Noah strokes his own cock, and shoots all over Lambert’s dick and abs. He adds his own load to the pile of Lambert’s DNA then proceeds to lap it all up!

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