Kristen Bjorn – Male Tales

Tales of male tails being plundered, Kristen Bjorn-style, are always exciting, and this production offers some of Mr. Bjorn’s best sexual adventure stories ever.

A dynamite cast relives each of five sexual sagas, each of which is introduced by one of the studs in the scene. Matthieu Costa, beefy, handsome, and big-nippled French stud, gets things rolling with his recollection of a walk in the woods that offers him more than the usual fauna when he spies upon a tryst between two hot bikers played by dreamily handsome Rocky de Oliveira (this stud has bedroom eyes to die for — velvety brown, ringed with long, lush lashes, and framed by thick dark eyebrows) and thickly-built muscle hunk Alberto de Souza. Rocky and Alberto don’t even strip off helmets and jumpsuits before they start stroking each other, but then Alberto rolls up his shirt to reveal his bulging pecs and defined abs and then Rocky gets down on Alberto’s hard uncut dick. The action between Alberto and Rocky is certainly enough to get Matthieu to stop in his tracks, watching from afar as Rocky bends over and displays his ass to Alberto, who tongues it and then slides his cock inside while Rocky props up on one of their bikes. Alberto pulls all the way out of Rocky’s wet hole and then plunges back in again, a teasing fucking technique that has Rocky groaning in pleasure, and Rocky’s multiple cum-shots are the highlight of the scene. Matthieu, meanwhile, has yet another surprise in store for him when Romario Souza shows up. Romario almost no body fat, and when he and Matthieu get together, their sexual exertions make every muscle in his smooth, tight body stand out in stark relief. Matthieu’s first load is a quick one, sprayed onto Romario’s bulging pecs, and then Romario climbs on top of Matthieu and fucks his face. An absolutely breathtaking angle of the action captures Romario’s shapely ass curves from behind, a view that gets even better when he sits on Matthieu’s face for a long rimjob. Romario’s first load gives Matthieu a great facial. In the finale to this particular tale, Matthieu sits astride Romario and rides his dick, splaying his hairy legs wide for his cum-shot, and then Romario pulls out of Matthieu’s ass and shoots, while Matthieu remains perched over his crotch, his foreskin still dripping cream.

The pairs of lovers mix it up in a thrilling indoor four-way next. Romario and Alberto kiss while Matthieu and Rocky do the same, and the combinations that result from this group are fantastic. Rocky and Romario blow wads of cum almost immediately, Rocky on Matthieu’s face and Romario as he’s blowing Alberto. Matthieu takes center stage, getting fucked by the versatile Rocky while he sucks Romario and Alberto sucks Matthieu, and the action is so hot it’s hard to focus on any one act, because they’re all so watchable. Rocky bottoms again to end the scene, taking Romario and Matthieu in tandem, and once again he explodes with cum. I have totally fallen in lust with Rocky, he’s not only absolutely gorgeous, he’s also a sexual dynamo.

Our next teller of tales is South African stud Jason Kingsley, who relates a story of being on vacation with his partner (dark-haired and handsome David Bathory). Jason and David are lolling on the beach when local talent (buff Latino Lucius Socrates) wearing low-slung jeans and no shirt strolls by. Lucius is definitely an attention-getter, and Jason sits up and duly takes notice, but David is dozing, so he misses out — at least in the beginning. Jason and Lucius walk into the jungle nearby and after a quick transaction (money changes hands, you know what I’m saying?), Jason and Lucius are going at it, and David has a great time tonguing and tasting Lucius’ cock. Meanwhile, David wakes up ("I was having the strangest dream … my boyfriend was having sex with a hustler in the jungle") and finds the two studs together, just as Lucius is shooting his load on Jason’s face. David is indignant at first, but when he finds out he’s invited to the party too (for just a few dollars more), he snaps out of it pretty quickly. The rest of the story takes place in the jungle and, later, back at Jason and David’s hotel. A three-way suck, with Lucius on his knees, brings Jason to a major orgasm, and the huge load he spills on Lucius is too tempting to waste, so he leans over and licks it all up. Then, Lucius gives up his ass to both lovers, who spit roast him to a fine turn, taking turns working their dicks into Lucius’ ass and mouth. Once again, after Jason creams all over Lucius’ bronzed asscheek, the big stud laps up his own cream.

Back at the hotel, the sex sizzles, beginning with a three-way daisy-chain suck and leading to a fuck scene where Jason’s exquisite body is ravaged by both David and Lucius. The opening shot to this scene is beautiful, done from overhead as Jason lies back on the bed and David and Lucius crawl onto him like hungry predators. This is Jason’s show all the way — he performs an amazing self-facial where he blows a load directly into his own mouth while David rims his ass, and then David fucks him while Lucius alternately leans over and sucks Jason’s dick and feeds Jason his own cock. The scene ends with three great pop-shots, and then a lingering look at all three studs’ bare asses in bed together. Just before he lets himself out, Lucius leaves the money he’s earned behind on the bed.

Next up is a story told by Venezuelan hottie David Salazar, a day at the gym that is anything but typical. David and his tattooed, built buddy Victor Cowboy are doing sets (and flirting while spotting) when they stop and notice hairy stud Jed Willcox. But, then, it’s somewhat hard to ignore someone who vaults into the room and then proceeds to display how bend-y his body is. Jed’s gymnastic abilities aren’t just the icebreaker for the scene, they’re the main attraction. David and Victor take full advantage of Jed’s flexibility and his power bottom talents, starting with a double blowjob that ends in a major cum-shots from both before Jed has even shed his clothes. When the action moves inside the gym, Jed spreads his shapely legs wide so that Victor and David can have at his asshole with their tongues, and David jerks Jed to his first load while they’re doing it. Obviously, though, Jed’s agility is best shown off when the three studs fuck, with Jed first planting himself on David’s cock (David’s orgasm, which spews out and hits Jed’s ass, is superb) and later both studs, while propping his leg high on a bar to spread his ass wide for easy access, his cock hard as a rock and curved upward as he’s getting it. The view of the action is both unimpeded and unique, thanks to Jed’s gymnastic abilities. David, though, has his own talents, and he shows them off, too, in a scene where he spreads his own legs so wide that Jed can lick his butthole while Victor blows him. The scene ends with Victor being fucked by David while Jed alternately feeds Victor his cock and kisses him, and David’s rocket shot of cum squirts all across Victor’s back at the end David greedily laps his up as the scene fades out.

Cutie-pie Brazilian Marcelo Lars introduces the final scene, which takes place at a spa. Marcelo and his partner, gorgeous Juan Jimenez, enjoy a sensual champagne drenched bath together, and Juan licks the bubbly from Marcelo’s delectable ass at one point, after he’s shaken the bottle and sprayed it in there (who needs a flute when there’s a much nicer vessel available?). Juan’s hot rimjob helps Marcelo reach his first orgasm, which he strokes out while Juan tongue-fucks him from behind. Juan’s cock is outstanding: long, thick and with a slight upward tilt to it at the end, and Marcelo feasts on it extensively. Marcelo’s greatest assets, other than his ass, are his nipples, which are so large and puffy that they made me do a double (okay, triple) take. Marcelo seems to really enjoy it when Juan fucks him, smiling and urging the big stud onward, and there’s no doubt that Juan is having a great time inside Marcelo’s ass. Marcelo sprays another load while Juan is plowing him (and a great angle of the load dripping from above is included), and Juan loses it all over Marcelo’s buttcheek, and then the scene switches to an outdoor massage table where the Adonis-like Pietro Rosselli is getting a rubdown from tightly built Chris Laruso.

Chris’ burgeoning erection (his cock is really beautiful) is barely contained in his shorts as he strokes Pietro’s perfect body, and then the small towel covering Pietro’s rock-hard ass globes slips off. Pietro’s ass is such a perfect work of art that Chris gets off just by rubbing his prong against it, and with absolutely no penetration at all, Chris spurts his load all over Pietro’s lower back. Pietro’s ass gets a lot more screen time, as well it should, first with a lingering tonguing given him by Chris, and later, when the two studs are joined by Marcelo and Juan, in a four-way massage oil orgy that has all of the studs glistening, he turns around and the sight of his gleaming ass is so hot that I had to pause it.

Marcelo and Juan discover Pietro lying sideways, getting fucked from behind by Chris, they politely wait until Chris has delivered a huge cum-shot before they join them. Following the oil-down, the group moves to an outdoor bed where Marcelo amazingly takes on Juan and Chris at the same time, a double-fuck that leaves Marcelo gasping for air (me too, a little bit). There’s yet another breathtaking scene, the last, in which Pietro and Chris switch positions, with Chris’ long uncut cock dangling as he sits on Pietro’s meat and rides it. The scene ends with a double level cum-shot, as each stud almost simultaneously blows his load.

With great action throughout, some of the hottest men in the world, and director Kristen Bjorn’s talents, these tales deserve to be told again and again and again . . .

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