Knox Bottoms

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Cute, twink, Jack Bailey meets bearded, -bear, Knox in this all-raw, red hot encounter. The two men face each other on the bed, legs seductively wrapped around each other, grinding and writhing their sexy bodies together. Before long, they’re tearing off clothes and kissing like their lives depend on it. Their looks of lustful desperation tell us how much they want each other and just how steamy this boy-meets- hook up is gonna get.
Jack pulls down his boxers and his huge, solid dick bounces up, slapping against his belly button. This twink is ready for action! instantly gets to work, wrapping his hungry lips around Jack’s shaft and tickling his balls with his beard. Jack’s eyes roll back in his head. He’s never felt anything this good before.
gets naked and squats on the bed, pointing his perfectly-sculpted butt towards the excited boy. Jack immediately gets his tongue busy, exploring every inch of ’s tight, tasty hole.
Jack spits into the palm of his hand and rubs it on his dick before plunging his rod deep into . The intensity and speed of Jack’s strokes blows ’s mind. He grits his teeth and winces as Jack delivers blow after internal blow, ruthlessly rearranging the bear’s internal organs in a frenzy of brutal thrusting!

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