Kai Cho and Matteo Gomez


Next day for horny Kai and his porn star dreams, and it’s the big Asian pool party. The host introduces his handsome Latin friend, twink pornboi Matteo Gomez, and Kai wastes no time swapping tongues with the hot little stud. The host is a little miffed. "What am I? A chopped liver?" he groans, but Matteo and Kai are already going at some heavy petting and making out. Matteo dives a hand into Kai’s swim jams and before you know it they’re naked on the patio couch. After Matteo takes his turn stiffening up Kai’s big dick with his talented mouth, Kai gets a taste of the twink’s perfect tan booty. Kai’s in a vers mood, and rams his bare cock into Matteo’s hungry hole. It’s hot and so are the two screwing guys. By the time Kai’s pulling out, Matteo’s already whipped up a tasty batch of crema from his spurting tool. "Yeah, yeah, Oh Fuuuucck!" Kai yells as he spews out a sticky load onto Matteo’s nuts.

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Duration: 16:46
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