Justice Orgies With Double Fuck

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Release Year: 2006
Cast: Shane Rollins, Tony Mecelli, Robert Van Damme, Nick Piston, Brad Star, Jordan Vaughn, Ty Hudson, Kent North, Carlos Morales, Nick Horn, Trevor Knight, Mike Roberts, Marc Williams, Duke Michaels, Parker Williams, Marco Paris, Steven Scarborough
Genres: Oral, Anal, Safe Sex, Group, Rimming, Uniforms, , Toys, Interracial
Video language: English

Justice will be one of the biggest pictures of the year. Hot House Entertainment has put forth a huge effort in presenting a top-notch movie featuring a coherent script, imaginative set decoration, expert cinematography and a cast of spectacular hunks, who handle the acting chores admirably. It stars Shane Rollins as “Toby Conners,” in what is being hailed “the best performance of his career.” Polish up the awards! Shane plays a young man who is sent to jail for a drug crime he didn’t commit. His cries of innocence fall on deaf ears in court and after he is incarcerated. He is subjected to more interrogation and a body cavity search by guards, Robert Van Damme and Tony Mecelli. Toby’s cock swells big ‘n hard as his tits are roughly pulled and fingers probe his anus, leading to forced cocksucking and Toby getting his manpussy eaten out and roughly fucked by both bulls. Locked up in a unit with rough thugs (Jordan Vaughn, Nick Piston and Brad Star), fresh-meat-Toby is attacked and force-fed big cock. Nick, the leader, makes Vaughn orally service Toby and then Piston fucks Conners’ already loose manhole, followed by the other cons. Conners begs his lawyer to get him secluded from the sex-hungry inmates. Attorney Ty Hudson misleadingly promises to pull some strings, if Toby puts out for him. Conners delivers some expert head and then gets his upturned anus hungrily rimmed, emptying his own huge load down his throat. Dr. Kent North and assistant, Carlos Morales help out an inmate (Nick Horn) with a perpetual hardon. They orally service him from dick to butt hole until Carlos fucks North, who returns the favor and then with Kent inside Morales and Horn buried deep in North, this morphs into a (shot from beneath) daisy chain fuck. Toby’s day in court is a disaster. The judge (Steven Scarborough) doesn’t believe any of his protests and sentences him to four years in the slammer. To his shock, his new roomie (Trevor Knight) turns out to be the actual criminal whose deeds landed Toby in jail! A furious Conners viciously attacks Trevor and warns, I’m gonna make you my bitch, motherfucka…and fuck your ass for four fuckin’ years! The hot session includes mucho oral, rimming and flip/flop fucking. Handsome guard, Mike Roberts, witnesses the melee, but doesn’t interrupt, just jerks a huge load. 18 months later, Toby is being paroled, under one condition: he must prove to the board that he has been rehabilitated. How, you foolishly ask? By having sex with the parole board, Silly! The committee, Marc Williams, Duke Michaels and Parker Williams are all built and hung big. On his knees, Toby sucks off the three hunks in 3-piece suits and later impels his hole on Duke’s thick piece as Marc fucks a guard (Marco Paris) who can’t resist joining the orgy. I loved it, but must point out that the lighting was sometimes too bright for certain dark situations. Atmospheric illumination could have enhanced the overall effect. The production was otherwise professional, but what an opportunity the director missed by falling short on mood. The sets are fashioned similarly to a stage production. At first, you feel as if you are watching a play, but the visuals, as presented, are very effective. Marvelous performances by the entire cast, especially Shane Rollins and near-perfect direction by Steven Scarborough. If prison films get you hot, this will, I promise.

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